Accepted: See you soon.

<p>Dear Kennith,
The Selection Committee in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) at Cornell University has approved your admission for the Fall 2011 semester in the Applied Economics and Management major with the recommendation that you successfully complete a Calculus course over the summer. Please note that although not required for admission, we strongly encourage that this course be completed this summer prior to your arrival in the Fall.
Shortly you will be receiving your Cornell University welcome packet that outlines the next steps in securing your space in our Fall 2011 class. Review the packet information carefully and follow all deadlines for sending your deposit, securing housing, dining and attending orientation.<br>
If you are applying for Financial Aid, contact their office to make sure that your application is complete for review.
Attached you will find your preliminary CALS transfer credit evaluation and noted on the top of the page is the major you were admitted to within CALS. Take a moment to review your credit evaluation; if you have questions contact the CALS Registrar.
We look forward to your joining our college this Fall.
CALS Admissions</p>