Accepted stats for art majors? (fine arts, art history, studio art etc)

I’m an upcoming senior applying as an art major at mostly top schools and liberal arts. I’m unsure where I stand in the admissions system considering most of the stats ive seen have been students majoring in political science, biochem, environmental science… you get the idea…

All depends where you are looking. A school like Michigan or Carnegie Mellon will demand a lot higher stats academically along with talent than a more dedicated art school like SCAD. My D got accepted into Michigan, Carnegie Mellon and VCU Arts but had a 33 ACT and 4.5 gpa along with her portfolio.

At many elite colleges (places where the art major does not require a portfolio), what you choose as your major doesn’t really matter - your stats are going to have to be high regardless. At those places, you can compare your stats to the students who are majoring in political science, biochem, and environmental science.

At others, you do have to submit a portfolio, which needs to be good (of course). But even in those cases, your application is still looked at holistically, and you’ll still be expected to have strong grades and test scores.

People may be better able to help you if you can talk a little about what your current stats are.