Accepted Student Days

Looking at the schedule for the March 2 event, I don’t see much that’s different from the Open Houses we already attended at the college,. despite the allure of the golden ticket. D applied ED, so there’s no indecision about what college she will select. Given D will miss a full day of high school classes and will need to make up some tests, is it worth it to go? I’d appreciate input from parents who went with their children in past years. Thanks!

I’m taking my daughter, also ED, even though I dread the long drive and been there done that feeling. I think for her it’s a great opportunity to be social with other Dickinson incoming freshman. So far the Facebook group and other social media has been a real nice way for her to “connect” but there’s nothing like face to face connection. I think it’s also a good way to ease anxiety about such a big upcoming change in life for her… and maybe even a little for her mom :). She also hopes to get a few questions answered about classes she wants to take.
I hope it will be worth it, I know she is very excited to go!
As far as missing a day of school, honestly, I could not care less about that. I think spending the day meeting future classmates and having a good time with them seems like a more productive way to spend the day than just another day of high school.

Being there with D last April for the Accepted Student Open House, we didn’t learn anything new, but daughter talked to few professors, made new friends and picked her roommate. The free picnic was great. The campus was spectacular in Spring time that reinforced her decision to attend Dickinson.

When is accepted students day in April this coming April?

DS was undecided and found the event really helpful, especially the opportunity to connect with so many current and prospective students. I agree that it can help ease the transition because both you and DD may have questions that are better formulated now that you’re in the “this is where I’ll be in 5 months” mindset rather than “is this the best place for me” mode.

You and she may have specific questions that can be answered.

It’s on a Saturday, I think. With that said, if it’s a huge hassle, I don’t think it’d be a disaster to miss. At this one, the name tags indicate who has enrolled, so DD could pal around with that group rather than the undecided.

Thanks to all for the responses. We decided to go, mostly because I also saw this as a chance for D to meet some of her future classmates.

The Accepted Student Open House is Saturday, April 8, and is designed for students who may not have already visited campus and/or are trying to ascertain fit.

As a followup, I’d like to say that we loved Phil Jones’ career center presentation at the event! That alone was worth the trip because it was very encouraging and definitely motivated D to want to take advantage of their services early in her Dickinson career. Otherwise, the Accepted Student day itself was pleasant and welcoming, but a bit light in the programming. D did meet a few future classmates and connected nicely with a professor in the department in which she plans to major. Also, the kids were given a nice T-shirt upon arrival, and could get their ID photos taken to avoid long lines during orientation.

We also attended and felt the career presentation was excellent. Overall a very successful day, my daughter connected with some very nice girls. I don’t understand why Dickinson is not more well known. Admissions staff have been exceptionally professional and welcoming. Financial aid process was a breeze, they were very generous. The environment at Dickinson seems to be very academic as well as supportive and nurturing. We feel quite blessed that our daughter will be attending such a fantastic school!

I agree, @ansenior, I think Dickinson is kind of a hidden gem. We were lucky we stumbled across in in Fiske and had an extra day in the area to visit. It turned out to be great for my kid. I hope it goes as well for your D and everyone else who got admitted this year!

Dickinson’s new president said in an interview that Dickinson is known as a hidden gem, but one of her goals it to make it not so hidden!

To make it less hidden I think they should start out by giving out Dickinson window stickers. :slight_smile:
Sometimes I think that that’s what all application decisions are based on; what others have on their windshields…at least it seems that way where we live. Everyone applies to the same 10-15 schools.
But seriously, the new president looks incredible, thoroughly impressive and fitting background, seems like they made an excellent choice.

@ansenior I agree with you. I believe they made a wonderful choice with the new president. Very impressive what she did while leading the American University in Nigeria. This is a great article that mentions her work there:

We bought car decals while we were there, but I agree they should give them out–if not to accepted students, then definitely to registered ones. Just waiting until the temperature rises to the recommended 50 degrees before applying them.

@intparent A hidden gem it is for sure! I’m so happy that I heard about them.

I just arrived home and guess from whom I’ve gotten a hand-written fricking birthday card??? Thats right, one of the global advisors (I’m an international student). This college is truly amazing. I haven’t committed yet but I’m loving it more and more.

Dickinson does seem to do the personal touch well. My daughter spent the day there last spring taking classes and talking to other students when she was deciding if to apply ED. She did that in a few other schools as well to compare them. That day in Dickinson pretty much sealed the deal :slight_smile: She felt she belonged there.

She’s in a hyper competitive high school now and even though her scores/grades/EC were all excellent, she refused to even apply to any of the high ranking schools, she’d had enough of that mentality in high school to last her a lifetime. I think feeling like you belong is undoubtedly the best reason to choose a school because it ultimately ensures your chances of success in college.

@ansenior ‘feeling like you belong is undoubtedly the best reason to choose a school because it ultimately ensures your chances of success in college.’ Exactly. My daughter does better at Dickinson College than in high school. She fits in and thrives at Dickinson. She is more exertive, confident, knowledgeful, and well prepared for her future career.

Just got back from Carlisle from picking up D1 (a Sophomore at Dickinson on Spring Break now) to find a handwritten postcard from a Dickinson student welcoming D2 to the Class of 2021. We also received a video message from the new president to all the enrolled students. They certainly have that personal touch.