Accepted Students...Class of 2018

<p>My DS was accepted Early Action right before Thanksgiving! Anyone else?</p>

<p>My son too!</p>

<p>My daughter was accepted today.</p>

<p>Wondering how long your early action acceptances took to get there from the time you submitted all the materials?</p>

<p>My son applied in early November…Maybe around the 11th, and heard back before Thanksgiving. He got his letter of acceptance in an email, and then another email the next night with the scholarship offer (very generous). They also sent letters via regular mail about 1 week later. He is definitely considering attending, but still waiting on a few more responses.</p>

<p>I applied on Nov 1st and have yet to hear a decision…called the admissions office and asked when I would receive a decision and they said “within 4 weeks after receiving your application”???</p>

<p>It was about 4 weeks for my son. He got email first, then follow up letter.</p>

<p>right but I applied november 1st, it’s been more than 4 weeks.</p>

<p>My daughter heard right before Thanksgiving-applied mid-October but had problems with the common app. Also received a generous scholarship. Definitely in the running!</p>

<p>She got her acceptance letter via email last night! Yeah! She is very excited, but is also checking all of her options. She was rejected ED at Swarthmore, which was her top choice, but reach school. She got her final information submitted December 1st (Essay) but I think her common app stuff was completed around 11/15. Feels great to have her first acceptance! We are from central Wisconsin.</p>


<p>Congrats! My daughter plans to attend. She was given a very generous merit scholarship.</p>

<p>Thanks! Congrats to everyone else accepted too! :). I have yet to receive my merit scholarship but I heard somewhere that I might get it tonight!</p>

<p>22k in merit scholarships</p>

<p>That’s what my son got too.</p>

<p>Daughter was accepted about 3 weeks after she applied EA. Generous scholarship. We toured the campus this Fall and she liked it - definitely a top contender. She wants to be near (but not in) a city so she’s researching how often students get to Philly. </p>

<p>Congrats to everyone!</p>

<p>My daughter just received her acceptance letter for RD. It’s a little confusing: one acceptance letter and a separate scholarship letter. I’m an alum so she’s also eligible for some money because of legacy status, and hopefully she will also be a National Merit Finalist. When my older daughter applied to colleges, her acceptance letters always included a “package” of awards and then showed the total cost after awards. Does anyone have experience with receiving multiple awards from Ursinus?</p>

<p>kadiHH, I’m in the same boat: I received my merit scholarship letter four days after my acceptance letter (RD). I got worried I wasn’t going to receive one at all, because most people were saying they got theirs a day after! Also, congratulations to everyone accepted!</p>

<p>My son applied RD and received an acceptance in January with the merit scholarship. We are anxiously awaiting the need-based financial aid awards, so please post if you receive a notice! Also wondering if this will arrive via the “update” notice on the web portal like the other notices did, or just via mail or email.</p>

<p>Got FA totals about 2 weeks ago-included previously sent merit award, some other institutional grant and loan information. Still deciding…</p>