Accepted Students Day 2019

My son and I traveled from Baltimore to UMaine to attend the accepted students day in March 2019. UMaine has been my sons top choice all along and this was our first visit to campus (no pressure or anything!). We arrived late the night before and we so excited the morning of the event to arrive on campus. We were impressed from the get-go! Directional signs on campus helped us find the spacious parking lot, enthusiastic students greeted us a the entrance to the Arts Center, easy check-in, then directed to a large alcove for my son’s intended college - Natural Science, Forestry, and Ag. Inside the open-air alcove, we found hot drinks, pastries, goodie bags, maps and brochures, free school gear (shirts, socks, and hats). We browsed around a bit, then took our seats in the auditorium. The presentation lasted about an hour and included a film, musical performance, two engaged speakers, and a student speaker - all were great! The large audience was then divided up into smaller groups by major and we filed along with the other marine bio majors upstairs to a smaller conference room. Here, families self-seated around tables and at each table was an upper-class student who spent the next 30-40 minutes answering student and parent questions. This was a great format for my son who would never ask questions in a large group and we got to meet 2 other families attending the event. After this, all the families were invited to a tour at the Aquaculture Research Center, which was very interesting (touch tank!)

My son and I took a break and had lunch at the Bear’s Den in the Student Union (delicious) and shopped at the school store for more Maine gear. Sidenote: this is the first school we visited that my son wanted to buy a sweatshirt, so I was starting to think he was liking UMaine! After stowing our purchases in the car, we joined a campus tour. Our guide was Daniela, a bright engineering student and had the standard tour. Although the campus was covered with lots of snow, all the walkways were cleared and everything was accessible. We visited the library, academic buildings, student rec center, dorm room, etc. After the tour, we hit the Honors College presentation and tour. We left the campus with very positive feelings and we both felt like it would be a good home for the next four years. Go Black Bears!

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I’m glad you liked it! I am a second year zoology major at UMaine (also the college of Natural Sciences, Forestry and Agriculture), and in the honors college! I’m happy to answer any questions you have!

I have to say that I have been fairly impressed by UMaine in my interactions with them. Open house in April, student tour in the summer, talking to representatives at two college fairs, a regional accepted students event, emails, and mailings - all good. I’m not sure if my daughter will go there - she still hasn’t made a decision - but I have come away from the admissions process with a positive opinion of the school.

We, too, have been very impressed with UMaine. Did an engineering specific tour and the faculty and facilities were both great. Son’s only a junior, but UMaine will definitely get an application.

Maine has a good reputation for engineering. :slight_smile:

@Pantone477 Thank you for the offer. My son chose Maine and we have paid his deposit. Heading back to Orono in June for orientation. It will be nice to see the campus without the blanket of snow! Did you choose to live in the Honors dorms? My son really liked the community feel of the honors dorms/honors facilities, so that was his first choice for housing.

@taverngirl My son has chosen to attend UMaine next year. I currently have a HS sophomore (and our last child!), so I’ll try to check back here to see if anyone has any questions in the future. Good luck with the process!

If I can ask what other colleges did your son get accepted and consider before enrolling at UMaine. Any factors that influenced the decision will be very helpful. Thx.

My son was accepted to every school he applied to. His other choices were: Miami of OH, Xavier, Towson, St. Josephs (Philadelphia), URI, and Scranton. He wanted to study Marine Biology, so the choice was pretty easy. URI also has a great program and was one of his top runners-up.