Accepted Students Dinner

Hello everyone,

I was accepted to Creighton University back in November and they have maintained regular contact. Today I received an email that I was invited a dinner in March in my area with some directors and other admitted students. Has anyone else received this email or participated in the past? What are the benefits of attending? How many students and parents are normally there? Any information would be greatly appreciated!

When our D’13 was accepted to another university they held a similar dinner in our area, and it was very helpful. They had some people from financial aid, some current students, and some admissions officers at the dinner. The one we attended had a quick program, and then dinner with various university people sitting at each table. They answered questions, and asked the potential students questions. As a parent, I recommend attending if you’re able to go.

By the way, congratulations on your acceptance - Creighton is an excellent school! Good luck!

@our2girls Thank you very much for your info! I have decided to go with my parents. Not a ton of students from the North East apply to Creighton, so I can’t imagine that there will be many accepted students there.

That’s great, @memcg3! Hope the dinner is very informative, and if there aren’t many admitted students there, don’t take that as a bad sign at all…rather, take advantage of being able to ask a lot of questions, and see what they have to say. After the dinner post what you thought about it!

We’re in the Midwest, and Creighton is a very well respected Jesuit University; we know a number of students who have attended/are attending there. Our D17 actually applied and was accepted into the nursing program at Creighton, but will attend another Jesuit University in the Midwest. I almost forgot that we went to a local presentation by Creighton with our D17 her junior year. It was very well done, and she was very interested, but was more interested in another school :slight_smile: One of the “selling points” that Creighton touted was that their students are very successful post graduation, whether it’s landing their first job out of school, or furthering their education.

As a college basketball fan I was secretly hoping she’d go to Creighton :wink:

@memcg3 - have you made your decision about where you will attend college in the fall?

@our2girls yes! I will be attending Bentley University in the fall. It is a lot closer to home and I kind of just had a better feeling on the campus. I did see Creighton and loved Omaha, but not for me

@memcg3 - Excellent news! Even though you decided not to go to Creighton I’m glad you were able to see it. Sometimes visiting a school is beneficial to see where you don’t want to attend. Creighton is a great school, but it wasn’t for our daughter either. Good luck at Bentley University! Go Falcons! :wink: