Accepted students stats

Could the people who got accepted ED possibly give their stats (and scholarships) just as a comparison for RD applicants? Thanks!

I was accepted ED II to CCAS for Political Science!
Weighted GPA: 4.02
Unweighted: 3.7
ACT: 31
Senior Year Courseload, AP Literature, Precalculus, Honors Spanish IV, AP Macro and Micro economics, AP Comparative Gov’t, AP Environmental Science
AP scores: AP US Gov 4, APUSH 4, AP Language and Comp 4
Various leadership positions and political organizations
Solid essay on Why GW (I did an overnight and visited a few times), 4 strong letters of rec
First generation, low income
White Female
$10,000 Presidential Scholarship
Good luck!

I was accepted ED II to Elliot School for International Affairs
Weighted GPA: 4.1
Unweighted GPA: 3.85
ACT: 31
Senior Year Course load: AP Literature, AP Stats, AP Art History, AP Government, ASB, Chemistry
Various leadership positions and political organizations
Strong common app essay, Good Why GW Essay, and 3 strong letters of Rec (from ASB teacher, AP English teacher, and counselor), demonstrated interest by visiting campus (I’m from CA)
Middle class income
African american female
$15,000 Presidential Scholarship