Accepted students thread

<p>It's not rolling admissions. What the Udub is doing right now is offering admission to their top rated applicants. They have a 5 level rating system.</p>

<p>Here is their rating system:</p>

<p>Highest recommendation: Exceptional academic preparation or characteristics that would contribute unique talents, perspectives or backgrounds to the university community. </p>

<p>Strong: Strong, but not exceptional. </p>

<p>Admissible: Adequate but does not stand out in any singular manner. </p>

<p>Marginal: Marginal academic preparation or characteristics. </p>

<p>Deny: Little or no evidence of academic preparation or characteristics that would contribute talents, perspectives or backgrounds to the university community.</p>

<p>^ Eh...I think its semi-rolling. I know a girl with reeeally crappy stats who applied over the summer and recently got accepted. She is by no means a "top applicant," she just applied super early.</p>

<p>They didn't have the application available over the summer. Was she a transfer?</p>

<p>My bad. sliver, you're right. UW doesn't have rolling admissions. What I meant was that they are sending out admissions decisions already because they started reviewing applications sometime in November. sliver, I'm curious, where did you find UW's rating system?</p>

<p>If you google --Ballinger University of Washington admissions--- it will come up in many articles.</p>

<p>Date submitted/completed app: November 20th
IS/OOS: In state
GPA weighted/unweighted: 4.0</p>

<h1>AP/honors taken: 6 APS</h1>

<p>rank/%: 3 out of 315
SAT/ACT superscored/regular: 2120 superscore, 2100
hs competitive/noncomp.: EHHH...mix
essays: good
Top 3 ECs: sports, key club, community service
Top 3 leadership positions:</p>

<p>Extra comments/"hooks": Boomshakalaka
Other universities you have been accepted at or plan on attending: UW class of 2012. GO DAWGS</p>

<p>Hey soty, what day did your app go into full review?</p>

<p>Gah! I'm all nervous now. I thought I was a top applicant, but... ughhhhhhh...</p>

<p>on the 7th i think. i didnt do honors or nething so maybe mine got done reviewing sooner?</p>

<p>-November 26/27/28 or so, I submitted it.
-3.929 UW GPA
-8 APs w/ senior year
-top 6% about
-30 ACT, 1970 SAT
-eh pretty competitive I suppose. so far, yale & columbia are our top accepts
-my counselor never did a recommendation- it would be pretty good.
-i had a teacher do one for honors, and it was pretty good.
-I thought my essays were pretty good.... not bad at least.
-Cross Country, Amnesty Intl, Key Club, Diversity Committee, NHS
-cocaptain of XC, "Most Inspirational" of XC, President/Founder of Amnesty Intl, Vice President of Key Club, Secretary of DivCom.
-I have no clue if i really had a hook or not.
-UW is kind of my last choice. I'm applying/have applied to Scripps, Seattle U, Lewis & Clark, and Stanford.</p>

<p>Oh wow, I just got it in the mail! (Okay, at like 1:00 pm this afternoon)</p>

<p>Date submitted/completed app: Nov. 26th
IS/OOS: In State
GPA weighted/unweighted: 3.855 UW</p>

<h1>AP/honors taken: 2 AP last year, 5 AP this year, some honors thrown in</h1>

<p>rank/%: Like 44/437
SAT/ACT superscored/regular: 2110 taken once, just found out 35 ACT but didn't send that in, lol
HS competitive/noncomp.: Some pretty competitive people
Essays: mindblowing, I think
Top 3 ECs: Theatre, Drama Club, Energy Conservation Club
Top 3 leadership positions: VP of Drama Club, Cofounder of Energy Cons. Club, leading roles in theatre</p>

<p>Extra comments/"hooks": Uh, I cofounded a club that got featured in the Seattle Times... and my grandfather went there and I told them about my love of UW in the extra comments part. I've been on campus a lot.
Other universities you have been accepted at or plan on attending: No other acceptances yet. We shall see.</p>

<p>Just got accepted. :D </p>

OOS (Arizona)
3.98 UW, 4.60 W GPA
Took almost as many AP/honors classes as possible, 9 honors and 8 AP
Class rank: 1/569
ACT: 33 composite, 34 English, 34 math, 32 reading, 31 science, 9 writing
Not that competitive of high school
counselor rec: didn't submit to UW?
teacher rec: decent
essays: decent
Top 3 ECs: intern in laboratory, mock trial awards, Young Democrats
Top 3 leadership positions: Founder of GSA, captain of mock trial, editor-in-chief of newspaper</p>

<p>Extra comments/"hooks": Not really......
Other universities you have been accepted at or plan on attending: None have accepted me yet. We'll see.</p>

<p>congrats guys! go dawgs!</p>

<p>Wow good job everyone... :)</p>

<p>This makes me nervous though, UW is my first choice... <em>crosses fingers</em></p>

<p>Now you're making me feel ingrateful, Play-Doh. UW is my NINTH choice (my tenth being the University of Arizona.)</p>

<p>You deserve it with your stats though atrophicwhisper :) You've worked hard. Revel in every acceptance you get. The AP's and that GPA... dang. I'm just doing IB and I only have about a 3.4 unweighted.</p>

<p>What are colleges are higher up on your list?</p>

<p>Got my acceptance letter today.</p>

<p>Date submitted/completed app: Nov. 26 2007
IS/OOS: OOS (Nevada)
GPA weighted/unweighted: 5.00 w, 4.00 uw </p>

<h1>AP/honors taken: 8 APs and 9 Honors</h1>

<p>rank/%: top 1% of graduating class (5/400)
SAT/ACT superscored/regular: 500 CR, 700 M, 540 W
hs competitive/noncomp: noncomp
counselor rec: none
teacher rec: none
essays: pretty good
Top 3 ECs: Varsity Swim Team, Varsity Tennis Team, Nevada Boys State
Top 3 leadership positions: Key Club prez, NHS Exec. Officer, MOD Youth Council</p>

<p>Extra comments/"hooks": I got a bad SAT reading and writing score, but still took honors english sophomore year and AP Eng Lit and Lang in my Junior and Senior year.
Other universities you have been accepted at or plan on attending:
Accepted: UNR</p>

<p>congrats aznxspikeboy.
are you thinking of attending?</p>

<p>Wow, some people actually have ranked "picks" of colleges they are applying to. I'm just kind of letting the chips fall where they may, and then somehow picking from where I'm accepted.</p>