Accepted students thread

<p>I'm not sure if I'll be attending. Out of state tuition is really expensive...</p>

<p>congrats everyone!</p>

<p>If you haven't gotten your acceptance letter yet, but your application has been completely reviewed, you can actually kind of tell if you've gotten in online... If you check under the "unofficial transcript" in the student section of myUW, and you have a student number and everything, that's a pretty good indicator that you've gotten in! </p>

<p>Date submitted/completed app: November 22nd
GPA weighted/unweighted: 3.983 UW</p>

<h1>AP/honors taken: 6 AP, 13 Honors</h1>

<p>rank/%: school doesn't rank
SAT/ACT superscored/regular: 700 CR, 800 M, 730 W (more recent scores of 790 CR, 800 M, and 780 W never got in the system! odd...)
hs competitive/noncomp. competitive
counselor rec: none
teacher rec: hopefully good?
essays: ok
Top 3 ECs: Select Soccer, Choir, NHS
Top 3 leadership positions: NHS VP, Key Club Treasurer, Camp Counselor</p>

<p>Extra comments/"hooks": Nothing really
Other universities you have been accepted at or plan on attending: I've been accepted at Rose-Hulman so far</p>

<p>Good luck to everyone!</p>

<p>Whirlybird, it wasn't too hard for me to rank choices because I only applied to four schools.
UW is first because of many factors including the strength of their Russian and Arabic programs, their wide array of other foreign language programs and how impressed I was when I visited the school.
UofM TC is second because of their Russian Program.
SUNY Bing is third because of the size of Binghamton.
UD is last because they don't have an Arabic program at all, but I am basically guarenteed aid so I applied.</p>

<p>Thats true aznspikeboy, definately something to consider.</p>

<p>Munich95, I can't quite tell if I should be able to see anything yet. I went under full review 12/18, so I think I might still have some time before they decide. Does anyone know how long it was from the time their application went under review to when the letter came or when they could see the unofficial transcript?</p>

<p>My status changed to saying that they had reviewed my app on the 20th, and i just recieved my acceptance letter today (so that was a pretty fast turnaround...) I think they said they had received all my stuff and was putting my application through full review on the 17th, but i'm not quite sure about that date.</p>

<p>Thanks Munich95 :)</p>

<p>Play-Doh, that makes sense. It's just funny to me that most people I know are applying to a fairly large amount of schools (5-13ish) and they have their choices in ranked order. I like everywhere... Haha, maybe I'm just indecisive.</p>

<p>Yeah, UW definitely does have great language programs and the campus is pretty impressive. And campus is big. SO BIG. But I kind of like that.</p>

<p>I don't think you are indecisive, I think you are weighing them holistically with financial aid and the like which makes plenty of sense to me. </p>

<p>I like how big the campus is as well. When my mom and I went we combined it with another visit and spent a week around there, and by the end of the week we knew our ways around almost completely, it seems like the kind of place where it will be small enough after a week or two.</p>

<p>Acceptance received in mail: 1/2
Final status change/unofficially knew I got in online: 12/28
Date submitted/completed app: 11/30
GPA weighted/unweighted: 3.967 UW</p>

<h1>AP/honors taken: taken 7 APs so far, everything else honors. 5 APs on board for this year.</h1>

<p>rank/%: n/a
SAT: 760R/800M/750W = 2310
ACT: 34E/35R/35M/36S/32W = 35 composite
hs competitive/noncomp. competitive
counselor rec: none
teacher rec: I sent one in for honors, i think it's good?
essays: decent
Top 3 ECs: FBLA, Volunteering at the blood center, Ignite mentoring
Top 3 leadership positions: FBLA co-pres/cofounder, Ignite Lead Executive Mentor, NHS Treasurer
Extra comments/"hooks": none</p>

<p>congrats williams, first choice?</p>

<p>Nice stats...definitely in at Honors program</p>

<p>The pretty purple letter arrived in the mail yesterday!</p>

<p>Date submitted/completed app: End of November
GPA weighted/unweighted: 3.98 UW</p>

<h1>AP/honors taken 4 AP, 1 Honors Jr. Year, 6 AP Senior year</h1>

<p>rank/%: 5/350 (top 1 percent)
SAT/ACT superscored/regular: SAT regular: 780 M, 800 CR, 740 Wr (2320)
hs competitive/noncomp.: Non-comp
counselor rec: unsure if one submitted, but if it was would be excellent
teacher rec: same as above
essays: Top notch
Top 3 ECs: Have done Webpage design and development for Non-profit groups, Youth Group, Band
Top 3 leadership positions: None to speak of</p>

<p>Extra comments/"hooks": Nat'l Merit Semi-Finalist, AP Scholar of Distinction, hoping for Direct Admit into CSE program. Will enter as either academic sophomore or junior depending on how many of the AP credits they accept.</p>

<p>Other universities you have been accepted at or plan on attending: None. Applied only to the UW. Good thing they agreed. :-)</p>

<p>I got in today! I'm so happy. It's nice to know I'm in somewhere...</p>

<p>Date submitted/completed app: Nov 30th-ish. I'm not exactly sure...
GPA weighted/unweighted: 4.0 UW</p>

<h1>AP/honors taken: APs: European History (10), Calc AB (10) and BC (11), US History (11), Chem (11), Eng Lang (11), Spanish (11), American Gov (12), Stat (12), Literature (12) Honors: Precalc (9), LA (9, 10), Chem (10), Physics (12)</h1>

<p>rank/%: 1/350-ish
SAT/ACT superscored/regular: SAT superscored: 710 M 770 CR 770 W; regular: 710 M 770 CR 740 W. I never took the ACTs
hs competitive/noncomp: publics, pretty comp I guess
counselor rec: None submitted
teacher rec: I never saw it, but I think it was probably very good...
essays: My main one was good. My short one about culture was decent. Not very strong, but fairly well written.
Top 3 ECs: ballet, debate, the other governmenty thing
Top 3 leadership positions: debate captain, lead mentor, advisor in the governmenty thing</p>

<p>Extra comments/"hooks": None really...
Other universities you have been accepted at or plan on attending: Nowhere else yet...</p>

<p>well awesome guys! hopefully some more will be up here soon! ;)</p>

<p>D accepted 1/4</p>

<p>Submitted: 10/31
GPA: 92.0 UW; 4.34W
ACT: 30
Rank: school does not rank</p>

<h1>APs/Honors: 4 AP (Bio, chem, calc BC, phys C) plus 2 post AP math classes (Calc 3 amd Linear Analysis); honors in all other classes.</h1>

<p>HS: very competitive private (1/3 of the senior class is NM commended scholars of higher)
counselor rec: not submitted
teacher rec: submitted for Honors
Top3 ECs: community service; pep and jazz bands; drama
Top 3 leadership positions: Board of Directors for Community Service Club (since 9th grade); founded support group for students who have lost a parent; voted Outstanding (Unofficial) Student Leader by school senate
Hooks: None</p>

<p>:] I got in! heh.. my grades/stats are a bit lower than everyone else that posted...</p>

<p>Accepted: 1/8 (unofficially), 1/12 received letter!
Date submitted/completed app: 11/28 ish
GPA weighted/unweighted: 3.76 UW, 4.1 W</p>

<h1>AP/honors taken: APs: AP Spanish Lang and Lit, AP Calc AB and BC, AP Bio, AP Chem, AP English Lang, AP Gov.. Honors: Precalc, Physics, and most other classes</h1>

<p>rank/%: 4%
SAT: 1400/1600
HS: competetive
counselor rec: ok? I've never seen it
essays: good enough, I guess.
Top 3 ECs: art, chinese zither, yearbook
Top 3 leadership positions: not many.. hmm photography editor for yearbook, on the board for a few clubs
Extra comments/"hooks": none!</p>

<p>I only applied to 3 schools and UW was my first choice so... GO HUSKIES! <3</p>

<p>Nice work guys!</p>

<p>I hope I get accepted! >_<</p>

<p>Letter and online acceptance today, though the unofficial transcript was available like 3 or 4 days ago? Letters were postmarked monday.</p>

<p>Date submitted/completed app: umm something like nov 30?
OOS -Ohio!
GPA weighted/unweighted 4.2 unweighted 3.6 </p>

<h1>AP/honors taken only non ap/honors is freshman science and history</h1>

<p>APs: World History and Spanish Language (11th), this year AP BC CALC, AP Lit, AP PHysics B (though honors class), AP MAcro, AP Micro, AP Gov
rank= none.
SAT/ACT superscored/regular: ACT=33
hs competitive/noncomp: the top half is competitive
counselor rec: probably very good? i didnt see it
teacher rec: see above
essays: i mean i liked them.
Top 3 ECs: Girl Scouts, Student Council, and then some
Top 3 leadership positions: Gold Award, on GS board of directors and delegate at the national girl scout congress, Senior Class president</p>

<p>Extra comments/"hooks": I plan to study arabic and was in a special program this summer/school year where i was learning it. So I guess i could better back up my academic goals than someone else.
Other universities you have been accepted at or plan on attending:
In at Ohio State & Fordham, hoping for UTexas or George Washington </p>

<p>Basically I need to learn more about the Arabic at UW before i Figure out where it ranks on my list.</p>

<p>Congrats, people.
I love the chinese zither and the MOD Youth Council extra curriculars.</p>

<p>go huskies!!!</p>