Accepted Students-What song U singin?

<p>I was thinking about the "talent show song" question on the NYU supplement.</p>

<p>I'm dying to know what people said they'd sing</p>

<p>Mine was Bob Marleys "Don't worry bout a thing (pronounced ting) Also known as "three little birds"</p>

<p>And I said I was dedicating it to all the college bound seniors going through this reslly stressful process</p>

<p>the refrain goes as such (I'm assuming many know it but...)</p>

<p>Don't worry, bout a thing, cause every little thing, gonna be alright...</p>

<p>Weird question, I know one really qualified guy opt not to apply to NYU cause he couldn't come up with anything...what are all of you singin????</p>

<p>I don't know if I got accepted yet, but I wrote that I would sing Summertime from Porgy & Bess, and related it to my music (education) major and how it is the song I always feel the most joy out of singing. It reminds me why I'm so passionate about singing! </p>

<p>And I sang it at my audition~</p>

<p>yeah im not lucky enough to have been accepted, my letter hasnt come :/</p>

<p>but i sang "I'm Alive" by Disturbed. i should have tied in some general meaning like you did, but mainly i did it because it just means a lot to me in a lot of different ways.</p>

<p>i overcame really severe depression, and the song is all about believing in yoruself and not sacrificing who you are for anyone else, as well as navigating through conflict but still staying true to yourself.</p>

<p>its also important to me because disturbed apparently based it off of a favorite work of literature of mine, The Open Boat by Stephan Crane. just the way they both tie together is really meaningful to me</p>

<p>who knows. i should have kept it less complicated, but hey i applied to be an english major so i kind of felt like i needed to show my interpretation skills..haha</p>

<p>Remember the name Fort Minor</p>

<p>Vector...that's an ominous post...Is that your song or are you joining the military???</p>

<p>Like a Rolling Stone! Bob Dylan baby!</p>

<p>Peanut Butter, I dig you man. I think you have it going on and you will kick ass wherever you go.</p>

<p>lol salem1. Vector, I was almost going to use "Right Now" by Fort Minor, but I opted instead to write about "Gone" by Jack Johnson.</p>

<p>haha thanks salem. congrats on your acceptance, too</p>

<p>baby got back :] ... I know,I'm a risk taker.</p>

<p>I'm forever blowing bubbles
pretty bubbles in the air
they fly so high, nearly reach the sky
and like my dreams they fade and die</p>

<p>Fortunes always hiding, I've looked everywhere
I'm forever blowing bubbles
Pretty bubbles in the air!</p>

<p>I sang this in the middle of the street when I got my letter.</p>

<p>hah i love that bubbles song! i sang "smile" or "put a smile on your face" by vitamin C and i talked about how i love smiling and laughing and how a smile can make everyone feel better at least a little bit, or it gives people a reason to look to the bright side of life. yea. i guess they liked that. :)</p>

<p>I said that I would sing "Vindicated" by Dashboard Confessional haha.</p>

<p>I wrote about how I used to be really shy to the point that I refused to sing infront of people. But then I made a new friend and we made fun of this song by singing it all dramatically. Over time I became comfortable singing infront of her and now I can sing infront of anybody.</p>

<p>So it used to be an inside joke that meant a lot to me, but now I cherish it so much more.</p>

<p>"No Day But Today (Finale B)" from RENT!</p>

<p>I haven't been accepted yet, but I chose "Relax, Take it Easy" by Mika</p>

<p>I've been accepted into CAS and Columbia as a transfer for this Spring..I've decided on NYU.</p>

<p>This is exactly what I wrote in answer to the song question:</p>

<p>"My selection would have to be "Sweet Home Alabama" by the rock group Lynyrd Skynyrd. </p>

<p>It would be the perfect song for me because I'm a horrible singer and it doesn't contain any high notes. Secondly, I could sing it with a southern accent, giving the impression that I'm just having fun and not taking the competition seriously, further distracting the audience from the fact that I'm terrible. </p>

<p>Finally, almost everyone knows the lyrics so they would sing along and not pay attention to my voice as much."</p>

<p>wow, you people have such generic musical tastes :P </p>

<p>i haven't been accepted/rejected/gsp'd/w.e.'d yet, but i put "sleep together," by porcupine tree</p>

<p>havent heard anything yet but i chose wannabe by the spice girls becasue when i was little i was not only obsessed with the spice girls, but i thought i was a spice girl.</p>

<p>im applying RD but i was thinking maybe a sting song, let it show how i feel about people or a messsage i would like to send others.</p>

<p>Question about supplements though, if any of u are doing it u just write it in the little box provided? for all supp questions? or are u guys attaching a seperate paper.</p>

<p>On the common App supplement the space was VERY limited for the short answers (they gave the character count and they weren't joking). I had to re-edit my short answers 4 times to fit in the space (First I wrote them on word so I could play around more and of course reuse them if another app had a related question.) But that was part of the challenge...I asked the rep that came to speak to our school about the length and she said not to go over. Hopefully that helps, if 95% of the kids are applying via common Ap and are restricted automatically, you don't want to come across like you can't follow directions. That said, I'd attach a second sheet, don't forget to cut and paste the question before your answer, and write your name and Social Security number on EVERYTHING</p>