Accepted Students

<p>Accepted to Sacred Heart University!! Got my big envelope yesterday. I thought I would start a thread so other accepted SHU students could share their excitement. </p>

<p>Major: Nursing
GPA (weighted): 4.19
SAT (combined): 2090
Extracurriculars: band, drum major of the marching band, student government, clubs, varsity cross country, track, Tri-M honors society secretary, community service, volunteering at the local hospital.
APs: government, comparative politics, english, music theory, chemistry, psychology, and statistics (almost all other classes were honors).</p>

<p>Congrats ksilk17! My D received acceptance letter last week.
Major: Secondary Ed
GPA (unweighted): 3.6
SAT (combined): 1590
Extracurriculars: varsity cheer, girl scouts, community service</p>

<p>my daughter was accepted a few weeks ago and yesterday we received a letter regarding academic $$. SH not her first choice, but it moved up the list. congrats to all! Still waiting to hear from 4 schools regular decision…</p>