Accepted to ____ with stats_________

<p>Thought as an addition to trying to have your chances assessed, it might be helpful to hear from the ranks........</p>

<p>example: Accepted to ABC University w/ 3.3 GPA and 1550 SATs
or next door neighbor accepted to ABC University w/ 3.9 GPA and 1100 SATs</p>

<p>This way we can have some 'real-life' info to back up those assessments.</p>

<p>Please respond if you have been accepted or know of someone.</p>

<p>On that note...anyone know of anyone accepted to UC Davis w/ 3.4 GPA???</p>

<p>Last year, My friend was accepted to MIT with a 4.0 GPA and 1390 SATs.</p>

<p>From friends of mine last year:</p>

<h1>1: (admitted to MIT as an EE major, however he was turned down by UCSD, UCB, UCLA, Stanford and Caltech)</h1>

<p>GPA: 4.1 weighted, 3.67 unweighted
SAT: 1200 (500V, 700M)
SAT2s: can't quite remember which ones he took, but they were 720, 710 and 670 respectively.
Took 5 AP classes senior year, though he never told me his scores for his tests, took a total of 7 AP tests by graduation</p>


<p>135 hours volunteer work, joined 15 clubs, participated in 3 sports</p>

<h1>2: (admitted to UCSD as an MAE major, UCI, turned down by USC, UCB and UCLA)</h1>

<p>GPA: 4.27, 4.07 UC-weighted
SAT: 1300 (630V, 670M)
SAT2s: 770 (Writing), 710 (Math 2C), 690 (Chemistry)
AP tests: 5 (Calculus AB), 4 (Chemistry), 4 (US History), 3 (US Govt.), 2 (Literature)
ECs: not quite sure, but they were plentiful</p>

<h1>3: (Admitted to UCI as a biochem major)</h1>

<p>GPA: 4.37, 4.16 UC-weighted
SAT: 1150 (490V, 660M)
SAT2s: 550 (Writing), 630 (Math 2C), 730 (Spanish - note: he's not hispanic)
AP tests: 5 (Calculus BC), 4 (Calculus AB), 4 (Spanish language), 3 (Physics B), 3 (US History), 2 (US Govt.), 2 (Literature)
ECs: Math Field Day for 2 years, was on academic decathalon senior year, 90 hours volunteer work, not much more to say,</p>

<p>Oh, I like this! ^_^</p>

<p>I have two fabulous friends who made it to NYU last year. One had a 3.94 GPA, 1520 SATs, and terrific ECs (lead actor in nearly all the plays, musical and non-musical, knew three languages, and volunteered 300+ hours) and the other had a 3.5 GPA, 1400 SAT, and was his go-to pal :D His buddy that always made it to the stage with him. They room together now.</p>

<p>Probably the story I'm most familiar with is my friend who graduated two years ago. He was also in all the plays, wrote for the school newspaper, participated in food drives, was senior class president, 4.585 GPA (second highest out of 4.6, salutatorian), achieved a 1570 on his SATs, got nearly all fives on the 9 AP exams he took, and was simply the nicest guy I have ever met. He was accepted at Harvard and he's in the process of arranging to spend his next year at Oxford to concentrate on Shakespearean acting. :-D </p>

<p>Valedictorian made it a point to make others fear him (he got extremely upset very quickly with what he termed 'the intellectual lower class.') I didn't like him and I don't much know of anyone who did. He got rejected from Harvard and probably went on to something else, but then, no one mentions him anymore. Our Harvard chico's come back to see the plays and to talk to us! :D Goes to show that nice guys don't finish last, in my book.</p>

<p>Here are my stats from a few years ago. Hope it helps:</p>

SAT 1: 1330
SAT 2: 600, 570, 490(that one hurt for the UC's)
Wgpa: 4.0
EC's: volunteer + a couple sports...pretty good
Essay: not good</p>

<p>Admitted: Cal Poly, UC Davis, St. Mary's(CA)
Rejected: UCB, UCSD, UCSB</p>

<p>accepted to muhlenberg college ED with 1300 SAT, 4.24 GPA</p>

<p>D's stats:
1390 SAT I
SAT II: 800, 710, 690
GPA : 3.9
One excellent major EC, strong essays, great recs.
Accepted: Vanderbilt, Emory, BC, GWU
Rejected: Columbia, Duke</p>

<p>my friend was accepted to the University of Virginia as a non-resident last year. her GPA was 4.4 (weighted) and her SAT's were in the low 1400's.</p>

<p>Two friends, just to prove that grades aren't all that matters:</p>

-Accepted to Georgetown/Columbia/Yale with a 1220 SAT / 4.1w GPA.
-Full track scholarship at Georgetown. Signed early.</p>

<p>Best Friend:
-Accepted to Brown and Bowdoin with a 1280 SAT / 3.5w GPA.
-Football scholarship. Not signed yet.</p>

<p>the standards are different for athletes.</p>

710 math 760 bio 680 writing
ED at Tufts</p>

<p>Strong/Unusual ECs</p>

<p>gpa: 4.3w
SAT: high 1500s
rank: 2/500
ECs: A few strong ones (speech and debate, music)
accepted to Harvard EASC.</p>

<p>Stats can be seen on the Can I get into Stanford, Harvard, Yale.. thread.</p>

<p>To summarize:
1540 SAT, 790 IIC, 760 Writing, 740 Bio
4.0 uw, 4.75 weighted, 800+ volunteering, 800+ hours of working for family in order to have food.
Coca Cola Scholar, Finalist; NIH cancer research; State flautist; President Gold and Silver Medals for Community Service; Presidential Freedom Scholarship; etc etc</p>

<p>Accepts: Stanford University, Duke University (UpClose program, full ride), Cornell University, University of Chicago, University of Maryland.
Deferred: Yale University
Rejected: Yale University, MIT, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, Montgomery Community College
Waitlisted: Washington University in St. Louis, Johns Hopkins University
Didn't apply: Harvard University</p>

<p>Currently: Freshman at Stanford University with 6 academic scholarships and substantial financial aid to pay for it. 2 scholarships are from Stanford and the other 4 are from other organizations. </p>

<p>Biggest weakness in applying: Interviews with Princeton, MIT, and Yale were horrible.
Biggest mistake learned: On my application I said I was a US citizen, which I am, because I became one 2 years ago (moved to US from China at age of 10), but the immigration office had not updated my SSN, which still states that I am an international. Because most schools are not need blind in terms of international cases, this was the reason for the rejection to all the big name schools and the waitlist to my safety schools. When I found out I did frantically try to correct the mistake, but at that time decision letters were already out, and only Stanford and Duke told me that they didn't care. So I had very high hopes but those were dashed, but I still ended up with two very good schools.</p>

<p>In the end, I picked Stanford, and I love it here, and since I am working in the admissions office now this is why I am doing discussion boards like this. I plan to graduate in 4 years and attend Harvard Medical School and cure cancer in my future.</p>

<p>I had a friend who went to Cal. Tech., he graduated at the top of our class, 4.0, we didn't have weighted or unweighted grades, and he took every AP class our school offered, only about 4 I think, finished Calculus III, and got a 1590 SAT (yup, 10 points off perfect).</p>

<p>He's now at Stanford, though. He hated Cal. Tech. and said the people were all nerds. He recently took the MCAT and scored in the 99.9th percentile. Brilliant kid.</p>

<p>Oh, and I got rejected from both USC and UCLA with these stats about 4 years ago:</p>

<p>3.85 high school GPA
1350 SAT (can't remember the split, but higher on the verbal part slightly).</p>

<p>I hadn't done any official extras in high school, nor do I regret that, because I started a few Websites on my own, wrote film reviews, wrote a book and found a literary agent in New York who represents Leonard Maltin and many of the top authors in the world (wrote my essay on this, too), but none of this mattered to them apparently -- they wanted something more ordinary and lame, like "Chess Club" or "Football Team" apparently.</p>

<p>Ecliptica, or anyone. How do universities identify your sporting abilities and award scholarships, or did you friends apply for them.
And just how good do you have to be? haha</p>

<p>some more from my school last year:</p>

<h1>4: (Admitted to UCR, UCSB and Cal Poly SLO as a physics major, rejected from UCSD and UCI - He chose to go to UCR though, since he didn't feel like moving)</h1>

<p>GPA: 4.03, rank: 61/1231
SAT: 1190
SAT2s: 580 (Writing), 660 (Math 1C), 680 (Chemistry)
APs: Literature (2), US History (3), Euro History (3), US Govt. (3), Chemistry (4), Calculus AB (took the class, not the test)
ECs: Academic decathalon (11/12th grade), some volunteer work and a club</p>

<h1>5: (admitted to UCLA and UCB as a bio major)</h1>

<p>GPA: 4.54, salutatorian
SAT: 1310
SAT2s: can't remember
APs: Calculus AB (2), Biology (4), US History (4), Euro History (3), Literature (4), US Govt. (4)
ECs: lots of sports and clubs, and some volunteer work</p>

<p>You guys will love this...</p>

<h1>1 (admitted to UC Berkeley, UCSB, and some other UCs, rejected from UCLA; attending UCB right now).</h1>

<p>GPA: 4.4
Rank: 4/550
SAT: ~1250
SAT IIs: all in the 500s
APs: He took almost all the ones at our school, but failed each one of them. Never got higher than a 2.
ECs: Don't remember him doing anything, no clubs, no sports, etc.<br>
I have no clue how he got in w/o any ECs. Maybe he fibbed his ECs or something. </p>

<h1>2 (admitted to UCB, rejected at UCLA)</h1>

<p>GPA: 4.5
Rank: 3/550
SAT: ~1200
SAT IIs: 600s for mathiic and writing, 760 US history
APs: Took nearly all of them at my school, passed ap calcab (4), apchem (3), apushist (5). Don't remember the rest.
ECs: AVID for 4 yrs, Japanese club, and i think that's it. Nothing spectacular</p>

<p>[[I had a friend who went to Cal. Tech., he graduated at the top of our class, 4.0, we didn't have weighted or unweighted grades, and he took every AP class our school offered, only about 4 I think, finished Calculus III, and got a 1590 SAT (yup, 10 points off perfect).</p>

<p>He's now at Stanford, though. He hated Cal. Tech. and said the people were all nerds. He recently took the MCAT and scored in the 99.9th percentile. Brilliant kid.]]]</p>

<p>What an irony... 4.0 at Caltech, (almost) perfect standardized tests....but don't like nerds!</p>

<p>Friend from last year
4.0 uw ,1580 sats. 5 on 7-9 ap's (cant remember exactly) Science club, math club, damn fine debater, newspaper National Merit Award winner.
Deferred from harvard, accepted to yale (where he is), full rides to dartmouth and UCSD.</p>