Accepted to Berkeley, but won't be able to finish required courses until summer. What do I do?

I’m a De Anza community college student who was recently accepted to transfer into UC Berkeley as an English major. Due to circumstances outside of my control, required courses that I was told to take by a drop-in counselor (due to my school’s COVID restrictions on in-person counseling sessions) in the spring quarter were not available in the spring. On my UC Berkeley application submission last year I stated that I would be taking these courses, which will no longer be the same on my transcript. I am able to take these and equivalent courses in the summer quarter, but will Berkeley rescind my acceptance? Is there a best way I can/should do to plea my case (get a document from my college, talk to someone at Berkeley, ask to defer admission until spring semester, etc.)? I can’t stand the thought of my acceptance being rejected for a scheduling error…

Contact admissions and let them know that, because they weren’t offered in the spring, you will be taking them over the summer. They will advise you what to do.


Do you have any updates? I’m in the same boat :confused: