Accepted to class of 2020. What do you think about Millsaps College?

Hi, I just got the acceptance letter for the fall admission from Millsaps today. As an international, I can only contribute 15000/year. Millsaps offers me the presidential scholarship 30000$. My family said they could try and afford the rest. I just want to make sure Millsaps worth the money. Could anyone tell me some experience with Millsaps that you have? What is the advantage and strength of Millsaps?

Im planning to study accounting at Millsaps btw

Thank you

The estimated tuition and fees of Millsaps for undergraduates is 50710$

My child attends Millsaps and has been extremely happy there–professors very accessible and classes are small in size. The only complaint I’ve heard is the food! Most all students live on campus all four years so it seems to be a close community and all the students seem to know each other. It has been a VERY good choice for our child.

@sisterrita76 what major has you child chosen? Are the courses there taught well? How are the dorms? Sorry for asking so many questions. I’ve been accepted this year and I am seriously considering it.

I’m sorry–I’m just now seeing this. My child is majoring in Biology. My child likes the professors and seems to know them well and they know my child. The dorms are not luxurious by any means–seem to be like average dorms on most campuses except they do have some dorms that are newer and single-occupancy but very expensive. We are not in those! My child loves Millsaps and has gotten a great education there and made great friends. They give good financial aid too, I think. The campus is quite lovely too and Jackson is a nice city.