Accepted to GA Tech for Cmp.E but ultimate pursuit law school?

Hi all,

I have been accepted to the following for Computer Engineering; UTKnoxville, UTAustin, Texas A&M, and GA Tech. I have heard great things about GA tech and that if you get a degree there it will be highly respected in the workforce.

Here’s my challenge. Though I love computer engineering and aspire to be great at the field, my true goal is to get into patent law, thus entering law school immediately after I obtain my B.S. I am shooting high and trying my luck with Stanford and UC Berkeley. I am beyond excited to have been admitted to tech, knowing the engineering program there is phenomenal. I have also heard it is ridiculously hard, so much that a summa cum laude grad is a 3.5, there, when I know that to be dean’s list or magna at my home institute.

I’d be entering as a transfer student. I would be transferring with my year sequence of calc-based physics and all my math classes taken except for Diff.E,as well as all gen. ed courses. I currently hold a 4.0.

So, with all that on the line, is it worth going to GA Tech and risking my GPA for my last two years?

Net price at each option?

Welp, I’m a bit older than most matriculates so I have quite a bit of finaid. Aside from housing, I won’t have to front anything. Housing (as in getting an apartment off-campus) is cheap in all 3 areas.

I’ll flag this to be moved to the law schools forums, where people are better equipped to help you. Just from what I have heard, GPA is really important in law school admissions- so be careful. But wait for some real advice before you make a decision.

Thank you!

Law schools care about GPA and LSAT. To the extent your GPA suffers by attending GTech, that would hurt your law school admission chances. Of course, if you can fill some of your schedule with easier classes that offer up As (or go to a local community college–any grade counts) that can mitigate the effects. Luckily the job search is better for IP people, so going to a slightly lower-ranked school wouldn’t hurt as much.