Accepted to Olin?

<p>My son (and husband.. not me, darn) will be attending CW1. I'm encouraging them to catch all of the music events too because strong academics and interesting music opportunities are the positive factors that helped offset my concerns of Olin being tiny/limited. Thanks for all of helpful info in the past months, CC friends!</p>

<p>Those of you on the stand-by list... don't feel bad. I didn't get chosen as one of applicant weekend candidates with 800 math 800 reading 700 writing, 800 math 2, 710 chem, 3.97gpa and (what I thought) were good essays... Just luck of the draw I guess</p>

<p>That's rough, JustAnotherAzn. With stats like those, I'm sure you're going to have a number of other attractive options. Best of luck to you.</p>