Accepted to Olin?

<p>My son's still a junior, but we're curious to hear about those of you who applied to Olin this year. Have you been accepted? Denied? Are there deferrals? What kind of stats do you have? What kinds of EC's? And any notification on Merit Aid yet?</p>

<p>Thanks for sharing!!!</p>

<p>This will be an interesting year. Since the general scholarship has changed (half tuition instead of full), there could be fewer applicants. But since this is the first year of Common App, there could be more applicants. I don't think there is any student specific merit aid, but there is need-based financial aid. </p>

<p>In early Feb, the top 250 will be invited to one of the Candidate's Weekends
Olin</a> College : Admission : Application Timetable</p>

<p>You're right. That is going to be interesting to watch! Lucky us, we get to see how it all comes together without yet being a part of it. Flies on the wall. Wishing you and your son the best, colorado!</p>

<p>We have concerns that Olin might be too tiny/limited. But we wouldn't mind getting the chance to go to Candidates Weekend to see if that is the right fit for my son. </p>

<p>SimpleLife - It's good that you are doing some CC research junior year. We did so and also did a spring break trip last year to CA (Cal Tech, Pomona, Mudd). It was good for checking out schools (my son really liked Mudd), but also for getting the college conversations started away from homework, friends, and home distraction. And ha... here we are in senior year still feeling dazed and confused. But so glad we didn't wait longer!</p>

<p>Got my Candidates Weekend invitation today.</p>

<p>i got my candidates weekend invitation too!</p>

<p>Was accepted for the March 5-6 Candidate's Weekend yesterday.</p>


<p>Homeschooled / junior and senior years at a community college
SATs: 740R 750M 770W
GPA: 4.0 at the CC, 3.95 or so for homeschool
Essays: Good, a little rushed
Recommendations: probably not bad (didn't see them)</p>

<p>Congrats guys. I look forward to meeting you all. When do you come soozyy and Xeaqs?</p>

<p>Yeah, I was really happy to get my Olin package because it means I'm actually competitive at many of the schools that I applied to. I was a little worried that I'd completely wasted my time for half of my colleges, but now I know I have a reasonable chance! Not to mention Olin is awesome :)</p>

<p>By the way, I created a Facebook group for all Olin Candidates. I saw there was one for last year, and thought it would be a great way to meet people even before the event starts!</p>

<p>Olin</a> College Candidates | Facebook</p>

<p>We were excited to see that my son received an invtite to CW. He is listed for weekend 1, but we may try to get it changed to weekend 2.</p>

<p>No one's accepted yet, but CW folders are out. I "got" mine on Friday (they insist on sending everything to my permanent address, so I don't get it until my parents forward it to me. Although this was considered important enough that my dad scanned it all up as a pdf and sent it to me).</p>

<p>I'm actually really surprised I got one - I'm definitely a B student, and I even got a C+ in Physics senior fall... spectacular, huh?</p>

<p>Wow, really? You must be pretty amazing and unique in other areas though. And what state are you from?</p>



<p>I don't think Olin looked at fall grades. (Some schools don't end their semester until mid January). I supposed they might though for the final cut.</p>

<p>I got put on the stand-by list. Actually felt rather stupid since olin invited 270/567 people this year, which is a very high percentage. I had a 2230 (760 M, 710 CR, 760 W) one sitting, 800 Math level 2 and 720 phys. My gpa wasn't too hot, though, 3.7 UW and 4.0ish weighted (my school doesn't weigh, so I'm not sure).</p>

I don't think Olin looked at fall grades. (Some schools don't end their semester until mid January). I supposed they might though for the final cut.


<p>I'm pretty sure that once you arrive at candidate's weekend, the application materials, grades, etc. don't matter any more. I know for sure that admissions does not look at your application again after Candidate's weekend. The interview is the only thing that matters moving forward. </p>

<p>I imagine if you were waitlisted and you sent in better grades in the spring, they would consider that, but I'm not sure. You can always ask admissions any questions you have when you come to candidate's weekend. The people who work Olin admissions are all awesome and really friendly. </p>

<p>(I'm a current Olin sophomore, btw.)</p>

<p>Yes, that is true. Everyone starts on equal footing at CW, and I don't believe your interviewers even see your application. If you are invited to CW, it is presumed that you can handle the work--now it's time to see if you and Olin are a "fit"!</p>

<p>Bioblade, don't feel stupid. Your stats are great. Better than mine were. A 3.7 isn't bad. Just try to show your intense interest in Olin to the admissions people. Call them up and talk to them. Tell them any updates, tell them how and why you love Olin and why you would love the opportunity to go to CW. My roomate was on the stand-by list and he showed his interest to them so they let him come. Don't take no for an answer. At any other school this would be almost impossible, but at Olin getting yourself into CW can happen relatively easily.</p>

<p>My main bonuses are either that I have a lot of work experience (office and professional singing), and also my high school - the top prep school in the nation, pretty much (I dunno how I got in here either). I think it helped too that I wrote a really good essay on why I was struggling in that class (basically, it's good to know calculus before you start using it).</p>

I don't think Olin looked at fall grades.


<p>No, they must have, since they insist on getting <em>some</em> kind of senior fall grades, and I'm on a trimester system.</p>