Accepted to Sonoma State but...

I received an email stating I need to fill out a questionnaire because my major is impacted. So if they’re not satisfied with what I write, does that me I won’t get in the major I applied for?

It means you are being considered but there is not room for all and they will take your questionnaire into consideration when making the final decision,.

How Sonoma State admits frosh to impacted majors:

You can also try searching the Sonoma State web site for “change major [desired major]” to see how difficult it would be to change into the major if you are not admitted directly to the major.

@jss2015 I applied to ssu too. What major is it?

@turqluv‌ Kinesiology

Got word today: ADMITTED!!

@jss2015 via email or portal? I still haven’t got my decision