Accepted To Stetson Summer/Fall 2017

Who got accepted into Stetson?
Who’s planning on going?
Or, is anyone planning on applying?

I got accepted into the fall term for Computer Science yesterday. :slight_smile:

Congrats. My daughter has applied, but we’ve not visited. Can you say something about what attracts you to the school? Thanks.

What were your stats, okcomputer1? My daughter applied and we are waiting to hear back. Also, why did you choose Stetson’s Computer Science?

We were touring UCF last week (very nice, BTW!) and bumped into someone whose daughter goes to Stetson and she LOVES it. Didn’t have enough of an opportunity to find out why, but I made a mental note of it. Her other daughter is more inclined toward UCF.

Accepted (for Fall 2017)!!!

GPA: 3.224
ACT: 25
Rank: Top 15%
All Honors/IB/AP/Dual Enrollment Courses

Really good resume, decent essay

I just received word today that I have moved off of the wait list and have been accepted. Now I am waiting for the financial aid packet to arrive - all depends on financial aid - I won’t qualify for much merit aid.