<p>according to ucb transfer F&Q
Is it true that I'm not eligible to transfer to Berkeley because I have not completed the necessary breadth/IGETC courses, even though I have taken difficult courses?
A: Yes. Admission decisions are based on your current grades and courses and all requirements must be met by the end of the spring term. If you feel you have an unusually compelling case to make, write it in the "Comments" box of the appropriate form on your Required Forms list at myBerkeleyApplication.</p>

<p>i need to take 1 more class at summer session to fulfill the igetc certification; i just tried to add the class now but spring quarter adds are blocked. </p>

<p>anybody with this problem?</p>

<p>i got admitted to letter and science college.</p>

<p>do u think i can take the last class in cc at summer or at ucb or rescinded from acceptance?</p>

<p>You should call them just to make sure. I know that there is something called “partial IGETC certification” where your community college will partially certify you with up to two areas missing, you will have to finish those areas at your four-year institution. I’m not sure if UC Berkeley will accept this however.</p>

<p>Does your major emphasize IGETC? I know for the school of engineering it is against IGETC. Completing it won’t help your admission.</p>

<p>i wrote spanish/portugese as major, but im thinking to declaring it to development studies.
if u read the conditions, it says i will be dropped;;; but nobody has given me a specific answer. nobody going through this problem??</p>

<p>Call them and ask. Seriously, and do it soon. Also, keep an eye on your Berkeley email, if they’re planning to rescind you you’ll probably get a message along the lines of “Notice of Pending Cancellation” and a couple days to fix it. But you should call them now so you don’t have to go through that.</p>

<p>i have called them, their answer is that im not supposed to take summer session to finish IGETC, but they said that it depends which class is not done yet. its a astronomy4 class one of the lab section, but i ve done a lab class so this is the simple class; does anyone think astronomy is important to be enrolled in ucb for letter and science college? btw ucb is avoiding from answering questio via phone, they insist on the emails which will be replied in weeks!</p>

<p>Berkeley L&S requires you to fulfill its own breadth requirements if you transfer without completing IGETC: [Office</a> of Undergraduate Advising: Summary of Degree Requirements](<a href=“]Office”></p>

<p>Check your conditions of admission carefully to see whether completion of IGETC or specific courses is required to avoid rescission of your admission.</p>

<p>The ASSIST page for the Berkeley Spanish and Portuguese major does say that some L&S breadth requirements or IGETC is required for admission to that major:
<a href=“[/url]”></a></p>

<p>Berkeley does not accept partial IGECT nor does it allow students to finish IGETC over the summer</p>

<p>@iwanna It looks bad to you in this case because your major clearly required IGETC certification. What I would do is beg your Berkeley admission officer. I would not call them right now. </p>

<p>I talked to my admission officer early Monday and she sounded quite stress out probably because of all the calls. She immediately jumped to the conclusion that I did not read my admission contract and ask me strange stuff. All I wanted to know why they want my high school transcript from 10 years ago, and why do I have to wait to send in my official college transcript until Spring grades are all in. </p>

<p>UCLA is asking me for official college transcript right now and after Spring grades are in. They also do not require high school transcript. Berkeley is doing the opposite. I asked if it would help to send my college transcript right now. She replied no. It makes me kinda scare of what Berkeley might say after I SIR them, like “Hey, we know you got a 3.98 GPA as you reported in your UC application BUT your high school GPA from ten years ago is 2.85. So we are taking your admission away” I know I am thinking too much. </p>

<p>I imagine other admission officers are experiencing the same stress level. So, I recommend calling them next week or something because you still have some time.</p>

<p>Is it possible that they want your high school transcript because you have fulfilled some requirement with high school work (e.g. third year of high school foreign language)?</p>

<p>Might be. But I clearly stated in my UC application that I was born in another country, lived there for 14 years, can speak and write in another language. But I did took Spanish for two years and received two Cs. I would rather take a test for my language.</p>