Accepted to UNF for Fall 2011!

<p>Woo! I found out this week that I got into the University of North Florida (no forum on CC), and the honors program, for fall of 2011. Here are my stats:</p>

<p>Weighted GPA - 3.35
Unweighted - 3.18
Recalculated - 3.08
SAT - 1280
ACT - 30</p>

<p>Some extracurriculars like student council, including working on starting the student council at my current school. I went on a student ambassador trip to Europe with People to People in the summer after 7th grade.</p>

<p>Decisions aren't being sent out until mid-December but if you made an appointment at one of the admissions info sessions in various cities they told you early.</p>


<p>Thanks, I'm working on my scholarship essay right now. I still need to get my GPA up to qualify for most of them though.</p>

<p>Hey can you tell me what are my chances of getting in
University of North Florida's requirements
SAT: 460 reading 460 math writing 440
ACT: 19 reading 19 math 18 English
If you have a recalculated gpa of 2.5-2.9 and I think I'm in that range
My test scores are
SAT: 440 reading 430 math 470 writing (1340)
ACT: I will be taking on April 13th
My gpa's are:
Cumulative 2.7
Weighted 3.2
Core gpa 2.8
Unweighted idk
My gpa might go down when my report card comes out in 2 weeks because I had a rough quarter which was my fault
I applied for the summer term which might make my chances higher but then again the school is now accepting students on a rolling basis</p>