Accepted: UVA, UNC chapel hill, and U Michigan. Chances for Berkeley?

Hey everyone, so I was accepted to the U Michigan, virginia, and chapel hill, all out of state. I still have my heart set on Berkeley though so I was wondering how those colleges’ admission rates compare to that of UC Berkeley’s? I won’t go into all my stats, but background info-1440 SAT score, hispanic, lots of extracurricular including internship with large company directly under the CEO and winning states in tennis. Also, I’m from Florida so Id be oos for berkeley as well. Thank you!

I know that UC Berkeley has about a 17-18% acceptance rate. However, since you were able to get into UVA, UNC Chapel Hill, and University of Michigan, I’m pretty sure your chances of getting into Berkeley are well. When do you find out from them? I find out from UNC in a couple of weeks… :confused:

Attended Berkeley for both undergrad and grad, grew up in Chapel Hill and later moved to Virginia, and currently living very close to UMich. I feel pretty familiar with all universities above.

If there is one thing I learned after finishing college, there is a significant importance on if you are interested in living in the same state from that college. So for example, if you are interested in joining the automotive industry, you’re much better off attending UMich and just do average or better job in college in engineering. If you’re attending Berkeley, you better have a flawless resume like being an active member of a vehicle team w/ solid GPA so that the companies all the way in Michigan can have a chance to notice you. The opposite thing can be said for Tesla which is located just few miles south of Berkeley, so do think about what you want to do (at least which industry you want to go to) after college and figure out which state might serve your interest the best.

I have my opinion regarding rankings among these 4 universities. They’re all excellent schools academically, but there are different criteria to judge them like school spirit or school support or just the overall atmosphere of the town, so tell me what’s important for you.

Admission selectivity does depend on division (L&S, Engineering, etc.).