Accepted Winter Quater 2009?

<p>Could someone explain what happens if I get accepted for Winter Quarter 2009?</p>

<p>Do I attend community college for one term? What do I do?</p>

<p>And where do they house me? Like a hole in the ground?</p>

<p>And is my spot is guaranteed right?</p>

<p>--Where do you house them? All together or interspersed with other
first-years? Or with upperclass students? </p>

<p>--What kind of Orientation do you provide for them when they arrive on
campus in January? Do you do anything for them before they arrive
(during the fall, for example?)</p>

<p>--Do you place them in any special classes (First-Year Seminars, etc.)
or do they pick their spring semester courses just like all the other

<p>--Are they generally happy and able to quickly become part of the campus
community? Are there any particular issues you have run into?</p>

<p>Yes. I'm confused.</p>

<p>Did u apply for that term? I don't see why they would put you in there if you applied for Fall 2008. You might be on the waiting list, if there is one.. Best bet is to call them yourself and make sure of the situation. Best of luck. :)</p>

<p>^UCSD doesn't have a waiting list, and of course I applied for Fall 2008 >.></p>

<p>It's pretty cool though. I'm part of the 0.03% of the accepted. awesome!</p>

<p>I was accepted for winter quarter as well. As I understand it, what it means is your stats weren't quite as high as most admitted students, BUT they still wanted to admit you, so... winter quarter. Apparently 670 students were admitted for winter quarter, so we're definitely a minority. </p>

<p>If you go past your admissions letter on the first page (Click continue), it takes you to a page where there's a link to FAQ's, which answers most of your questions about winter quarter (i.e. housing is tough to get, community college is recommended for fall quarter, etc).</p>

<p>I'm still a little curious about it though. Like, how'd they choose the 670 of us to not be rejected, but not admitted for fall quarter? Interesting.</p>

<p>Since UCSD does not have a waiting list, this is a way for them to manage enrollment. Make sure to keep in touch with them, there might be a chance that you can enroll for the fall term if there are spots opening up. They kind of use this as the waiting list.</p>

<p>^Thanks for the info. So if they happen to have more fall admits than normal, does that mean we will be excluded? (much like a waiting list?)</p>

<p>Basically, is our acceptance guaranteed?</p>

<p>if you accept the offer of WI09 admission, yes, your acceptance will be guaranteed (unless you matriculate at another 4-year college).</p>

<p>if you're doing it, just choose the JC closest to your home and get your college's worst GEs out of the way. and start looking for UCSD area housing, asap, because chances of on-campus rooms are going to be pretty tough.</p>

<p>It really only means your admission is delayed. Once you start there's really no difference between you and anyone else. A lot of the college courses are filled with people with all different start times including sometimes years apart. The fact that you started in winter really won't mean a thing once you're there and you'll forget about it shortly. You'll be just as happy as anyone else.</p>

<p>There's a chance they'll bump you up to start in the fall. This happened to a friend of my daughter. Sorry, but I can't remember when she got the news of the bump up.</p>

<p>Remember that if you have to live off campus and you start after everyone else it will affect your social life to a great degree. Consider this carefully.</p>

<p>It also means that you do not have guaranteed housing for the first 2 years. Contact housing and see if you can get on a waitlist for winter housing. If they do give you housing for winter quarter, it does not guarantee you housing for your sophomore year. </p>

<p>My son appealed and got into UCSD a few years ago. He got himself on the housing waitlist early on, but still didn't find out he got a dorm until 3 weeks before school started. He was assigned housing in ERC even though he was in Muir. A housing person advised him to appeal for second year housing in January of his freshman year, so that if his appeal was granted could participate in the sophormore housing lottery assignments. BTW, his appeal worked.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info guys. I'll be sure to appeal later this year.</p>

<p>Does ANYBODY know when they will let you know if you get bumped up to the Fall quarter if you are a winter admit? If they do at all that is..</p>

<p>Well, you'd have to wait until May to find out, because that when all the letters of intent are turned in. After, if space permits, we lucky winter admits might be given a spot through contacting them. </p>

<p>And about them contacting us back about the status, there's probably no way we can tell. It can be anywhere from June to a few days before fall quarter/semester starts...</p>

<p>They might bump you up at any time (or never) depending on where you are on the waitlist and when they get an opening. There is no sure thing about being bumped up or even getting on campus housing. If you decide to take the offer you should expect to not start until winter of 09 and to live off campus. Should an opportunity arise for you to have on campus housing or even start in the fall it would be a pleasant surprise. If those conditions are acceptable then take the offer otherwise go to a different school.</p>

<p>So only those who start in the fall quarter gets guaranteed housing for the first two years?? Why can't they reserve some for winter admits?</p>

<p>i know a lot of winter admits for this year got changed to fall but they were switched to marshall. i don't know how many of them though.</p>