<p>My daughter's acceptance arrived today! We're in the Chicago area so I bet lots more are coming soon!</p>

<p>There's no mention of Honors or merit awards, hopefully those will both follow.</p>

<p>Congrats Sujormik! What were your D's stats and college?</p>

<p>I think she applied to Arts & Sciences, 32 ACT, 4.43 W gpa. I don't even remember if she SENT her essay and recommendations, or if we decided to wait for scholarship applications for that.</p>

<p>Congrats to your daughter! My S2 is a freshman in the Honors Program and loves it. He has great friends and challenging classes. He says he made the absolute correct choice and even though the U is large, it feels small and is very manageable.</p>

<p>I believe there is now a Big Bus (something like that) that runs daily from Chicago to the U of Minn. (it is always nice to have a transportation back up plan)</p>

<p>Good luck with the rest of your apps. This is an exciting time!</p>

<p>The big bus is the Megabus which runs from Minneapolis (you pick it up near the Metrodome around 3 miles from the U) to Milwaukee to Chicago (and of course the other way too.) My son has used it many times, and the cost is reasonable as we paid from $10 one way to $55. Its nice as it only stops for lunch/or dinner in Mauston which is half way between Minneapolis and Milwaukee, so the ride is about 6-7 hours. Go to Welcome</a> to megabus for more info if needed.</p>

<p>Congrats! When did she apply? I'm wondering because I applied August 29th (national but out-of-state) and still haven't heard anything. I'm assuming that even if I got rejected, I would still be hearing back soon. Any thoughts?</p>