<p>Hi Visual Arts and Film Major Friends,</p>

<p>Just wanted to share with you that my son was accepted to USC today! He applied to the School of Cinematic Arts for film production, and is being considered for a trustee scholarship (full tuition)! He will go out and interview for that scholarship in Feb. </p>

<p>I have been talking to friends on the USC board today, but thought I'd share this news here too as so many of you have been so helpful and supportive in this process for both him and me! </p>

<p>I am so happy for him.... can't stop grinning from ear to ear.</p>

<p>Holey moley... great news!!! Congrats to him! Knowing his work, it seems like that would be the perfect place for him.</p>

<p>maddenmd, knowing how many acceptances (and $$) he's already received from wonderful schools, I cannot say I'm surprised he's also in at USC SCA Production. Speaking personally (as I'd love to see him at USC next year), I'm so happy he's up for the Trustee Scholarship!</p>

<p>Great job, mom!</p>

Congratulations to your son for getting in at USC! Did your son also get in at Chapman? I heard a lot of people are still waiting to hear from Chapman for production. He is very talented. I'm sure he'll get in there, too. Good luck!</p>

<p>Hi maddenmd, Congratulations to your son (and you, of course!!) on his acceptance to USC! That is just terrific news! Best of luck to him in making the decision, and also as he tries for the trustee scholarship. Keep us posted!!</p>

<p>Great news! Good for him! What wonderful wonderful news!!! WOW!</p>


<p>Hooray and congratulations!!!</p>


<p>Hey, can you check my math here...</p>

<p>(USC SCA) + (the odds of getting into production) x (odds of getting an interview for the Trustees Scholarship) = the number one high school film student of the year.</p>

<p>He has to be the HS film student of the year. Who could possibly top a GPA of 4.6 with 30 films in the portfolio? Yikes! That's really something.</p>


<p>Thanks everyone! Ocelite: Chapman has said they will notify film students the first week of February (even if applied early). </p>

<p>Wheaty: Your post made me smile! He did work hard, and really loves his filmmaking, but so did a lot of other kids. I think there are MANY kids we've met at festivals and on school visits that are amazingly creative, smart, talented people. Many have better SAT scores and more AP's etc...Some are not as strong academically, but have made amazing films! I think there is some luck in there along with the rest of the package. The reason I posted his stats on the USC board was to give hope to upcoming film kids that you don't have to have the perfect 2400 SAT's and 11 AP;s to get a shot at your dream. And he is a fairly humble kid, he thought posting might be "bragging about his opportunity while others didn't get that chance". I convinced him to let me so those coming next year and beyond (like me... who searched and searched for kids without the 2300 SAT's getting the interviews, without much success) will see that they have a chance.</p>


<p>Oh I'm really glad he relented and allowed his stats to be posted. It's very helpful for many kids that follow and it's particularly helpful for my daughter because her stats are very similar and she will be going through this next fall. We didn't think about scholarships at SC because I always thought you had to have an SAT of 2350+. So now we at least know it's possible. :)</p>

<p>In this context his stats aren't bragging, they're more of a partial roadmap to a terrific place.</p>


<p>So happy for you and your son!</p>

<p>What a huge honor and accomplishment - giant congrats to your son and your family!</p>

<p>Congrats to maddenmd & son!!! Hope he get the scholarship! Thank you both for being helpful by posting the stats.</p>

<p>Thanks for all the great support! If I can answer any questions about the process of looking for and applying to schools: please ask! And feel free to PM me if you want to discuss things off the main boards.</p>

<p>maddenmd, I'm so happy for you and your S! That's an amazing accomplishment. Will he go even if he doesn't get the Trustee's scholarship?</p>

<p>Did he apply to any other film schools, like Tisch?</p>

<p>NYU and USC are my dream schools for film production... did he send in a film or a script for the application?</p>

<p>He submitted a film. He does LOVE USC but we are asking him to wait and see all his offers before making a final decision. It is very likely he will be at USC, though.</p>

<p>Yay! Btw, S1 is on the panel for SCA Trustee interviews--but not in production. So no cc conflict of interest and I can sincerely wish him extra good luck.</p>

<p>Congratulations to Maddenmd and son! It's wonderful that all of his hard work and passion gets rightly recognized and rewarded.</p>

<p>Wow - congrats to him!!</p>