hello! i received an email today from CSUF stating I was accepted as an undeclared major, even though I applied for nursing, as it says in my CSU apply account. im really confused and not too sure what to do… does anybody know what happened ??

You did not meet the cutoff for the Freshman Nursing waitlist but they accepted you into the university. You can attend CSUF as Undeclared or change your major, take the Nursing Pre-req’s and try for an internal transfer known as the CSUF Student Pathway. See the link below:

do you know how I would be able to change my major to biochemistry? i emailed the admissions office and they told me to go to and type in major change but i can’t quite figure it out…

I would call the Academic Advising Center and ask them to walk you through the change of major.

tel:(657) 278-3606