<p>Anyone heard if they were accepted yet?</p>

<p>they said anytime before march. so i'm thinking mid feb</p>

<p>I have a friend who found out about three weeks ago.</p>

<p>i got in!... they told me 2 weeks after i applied RD... i'm not planning on attending there!... gl!</p>

<p>So when was your app. in and what were your stats?</p>

<p>I received my letter of acceptance last friday!!! SMU is my top choice. The only problem is they didn't send me any financial information, or scholarships. Does anyone know when they are going to send that info? </p>

<p>My stats are:</p>

<p>GPA: 4.44W 3.8UW
ACT: 25
Essay: Amazing
Ethnicity: Puerto Rican
EC: Amateur Spaceflight Asocciation(sponsored by Nasa), NHS, Teacher of ESL to the hispanic community in Houston, Debate Team w/ several awards.
Public School
AP: US History 4, Spanish Lang 5, Spanish Lit 4, Euro Hist 5, (taking macro, gov, micro, comp gov in May)
AP Scholar
1st Place Spanish National Exam </p>

<p>When I moved to Texas I always loved SMU with a passion and even though I got in UT Business I still would go to SMU if I get enough financial aid.</p>

<p>Congrats! You'll get the financial aid soon...should be comin in the mail anytime</p>

<p>I got accepted but I can't understand why I received a scholarship offer ($7,500 per year) that appears to be little more than a tuition discount. </p>

<p>SAT: 2330
GPA: 3.96 uw, 4.3 w
NM Finalist
Lots of ECs, service hours, AP courses</p>

<p>My impression of SMU has changed dramatically.
I'd rather attend a university that truly wants to attract good students.</p>

<p>stingy...they want your money...</p>

<p>Hey uzbek, what other schools have you applied to? I mean, you have fantastic scores, so why SMU?</p>

<p>I got accepted on the last day of December of 2006 (so 12/31/06? I dont know)</p>

<p>I also got scholarship information... mmmm... I guess in February?(10,500 a year)</p>

<p>I love how SMU is constantly sending me letters. I feel so loved. :)</p>

<p>My sats....
SAT: 1900 or something like that.
GPA: 4.2 w, dunno the uw and I actually do not want to know LOL!
Nat'l Achievement Semi Finalist
IB and AP courses
lots of service hours, had a job, average extra co. stuff....</p>

<p>There's nothing special about me on paper. Compared to CC, I mean.</p>

<p>Uzbek, how was your impression changed?
My impression changed for the better. Atleast joining the Engineering department (which I think is the only reason why I got accepted sometimes... <em>low self esteem :(</em>) it seems to me they really care about their students. Engineering students, anyway. The dedman college seems very uhm.... bleh.</p>

<p>Which one is a better school between Trinity University and SMU? Does anyone know?</p>

<p>i got in, my stats weren't close to amazing
3.4 gpa w
2020 sats
i had some good extracurrics but not anything out of the ordinary, just community service and stuff</p>

<p>i got a 7500$ a year scholarship too</p>

<p>I got accepted into Engineering</p>

<p>My stats are:</p>

<p>GPA: 3.6x UW, 3.814 W
SAT: CR 720, M 800, W 620
SAT 2: Phys 800, Math 2 800, Spanish 800
Essay: Decent
Ethnicity: Hispanic (international student)
EC: Some presidencies and awards.
Full IB Diploma</p>

<p>$7500 + $5000 + $10,000 + $4,000 Scholarships. ($26,500)</p>

<p>I really wish I had applied to SMU.</p>

<p>Is SMU better than Fordham?</p>