<p>D was accepted into Commerce. She is from the States and only knows a bit about Queens. She plans to visit in the next two weeks. </p>

<p>Can anyone give us a feel for the place?</p>

<p>Also, is it possible from a workload perspective to be a varsity athlete and pursue commerce?</p>

<p>Congrats on the acceptance. I haven't even submitted my personal statement yet and she's already accepted :P
Anyways, commerce really isn't all that hard once you get into it. I suggest you go to <a href=""&gt;;/a> to get a a better feel of the campus. There are A LOT of QC students and discussions there</p>

<p>I'm accepted to the Castle program in England...doing the IBDP so it's probably a conditional offer, however, I was so happy when I got the email.
Good luck Dionysus.
oh, and congrats to Mountandog.</p>

<p>Hi you guys,
Congratulations on your acceptances! Quick question, for my PSE "essay" (and I put that in quotation marks because they never specifically asked for an essay), I sent in a poem. What do you think? Admission suicide or stroke of genius?</p>

<p>hi! suicide....</p>


<p>hi mountandog-
i'm just finishing up my first year at Queen's, and while i'm in arts, not commerce, i'll do my best to paint you a picture. first of all, i love it here. Queen's is, in my opinion, the perfect size for a university. it's small enough that there is a definite sense of community, and so that you feel that you know many of the people in your year, but it's large enough to not seem tedious. it's challenging but accessible academically, and it's amazing socially as well-res life is a lot of fun and the student "ghetto", located between campus and downtown, houses virtually all upper-year students and is extremely convenient. kingston is the perfect university town, and Queen's has a huge, spirited presence here. as for commerce, i have several friends in the program and they love it. because it's such a small program, the "commies" all seem to know each other and have a huge sense of pride in their faculty. the program has a lot of hands-on casework along with theory and involves a lot of group work. i know that this is a pretty broad overview, so please feel free to ask any specific questions that you have and i'll do my best to answer them.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>i addressed a similar question in this thread</p>

<p>Hi you guys! I GOT IN!</p>