<p>Postmarked March 30th, first class. It has a really beautiful calender tucked in there too.</p>

<p>Isn't the calander nice?! They have a beautiful campus and love to show it off. When you've got it, flaunt it!</p>

<p>Was this a FedEx package? B/c we got a notice thingy from FedEx delivered to our house today while nobody was home.</p>

<p>saysua -</p>

<p>congrats! would u mind posting ur stats?</p>

<p>Hey collegeboundjen mine was fedEx and i also got in i'm very excited!!</p>

<p>they are fed ex if you are like in the middle of the country or west, they mail the other ones, i am not exactly sure where the line is drawn, but not everyone is fed ex'ed</p>

<p>got the acceptance by email today !! haven't got the paper stuff though !!
excited to see the calendar !!</p>

<p>I've just been accepted. Colgate's financial aid is looking to be significantly more generous then Dartmouth's. Not sure what I'm going to do since i'm not sure i could justify paying like 6k more to attend Dartmouth.</p>

<p>Did any of you get anything about when visting days are?</p>

<p>Any more admits that would care to post? Still waiting here in California and wondering if lots of others are waiting........</p>

<p>Accepted from Missouri
Packet recieved on Thursday, March 31st
I agree, the calendar is nice
3.9 UW GPA, 27 ACT (can you believe it!)
good recs, immigrant from Russia of 3 years, know a bunch of foreign languages, nice person
Probably not going to attend Colgate b/c fin aid was better at another school.</p>


<p>My stats aren't great at all. 1240, 3.9 u/w. I guess my background and some things in my ec provided the balance. My sister also got in, and (not to sound at all superior) she doesn't have nearly the same stats or much impressive ecs as i do, and as many of you guys do. I'm not sure whether they have special considerations for twins??</p>

<p>Colgate 13,
I did receive dates for visiting day. They're actually a two day period 12-13, and 19-20.</p>

my stats are in the RD Roster, don't feel like rewriting them.</p>

<p>i like the personalized note at the bottom of the acceptance letter, it really does make u feel like they're genuinely interested in you. :)</p>

<p>congratulations on your acceptances everyone!</p>

<p>Accepted, and 80% sure I'll attend
3.9ish GPA
SATs: 1430
SAT IIs: 760/700/690
Great ECs
Member of Professional Band
200+ hours of Community Service
Excellent Recs and Good Essays</p>

<p>Son got in.
4.0 GPA
SAT: 1360
also accepted to U Mich, Miami with $10,000.00 a year, Tulane, Syracuse with $8,000.00 a year, BU.
Waitlist Emory & Bucknell </p>

<p>Colgate is #1 on his list</p>

<p>Accepted and sooo pumped</p>

<p>1410 SAT
3.9 GPA
Good ECs
Great Recs
Good Common App Essay but TERRIBLE 'gate essay so go figure</p>

<p>It was a nice thing to get after being rejected as a legacy from Cornell.</p>

<p>Accepted: Wisconsin-Madison, Maryland, Oberlin, Brandeis, Colby, Grinnell, COLGATE
Waitlisted:College of William and Mary
Rejected: Cornell, Vassar (which is BS)</p>

<p>but im very happy!
COLGATE '09 BABY!!!</p>

<p>I cant believe that I got into Colgate!!!!</p>

<p>I got this huge package from Colgate today with a calender and stuff in it. My mom is so surprised. I didn't think i would get in with an 1130 on my SAT's</p>

<p>ACCEPTED today...from player...1500, with 800/800/780 SAT II's. </p>

<p>also accepted Williams, Carleton, Vanderbilt, Univ of GA Honors...waitlisted Dartmouth and W&L (??)...rejected by Harvard, Duke, and NW. </p>

<p>have a tough decision to make, I guess....thought the hard part was over</p>


<p>1410 SAT (690M/720V)
700 writing/670 molec bio./ 690 math II
3.62 WGPA
(GPA and class rank have dropped slightly since)
fluent in french, lived there for two years
good recs (one of them really good, the personalized note mentioned it)
e.c.... placed nationally in TSA, community service, NHS</p>

<p>everything inside the envelope rocks!!!</p>