<p>I just got an email from Lehigh telling me I got accepted!</p>

<p>congrats to you....what country are you from?</p>


<p>Wow, you guys RD students got acceptance emails?
Thats strange cause we ED students had to wait for our mails :))
But fortunately Lehigh gave us a "subtle" hint on the LEWIS so we knew we were in alilbit sooner :)
Btw, congrats future fellow! :)
Hope to hear more and more acceptance result here on CC :D

<p>I got in as well. I'm from Germany.</p>

<p>LizSoler, only internationals will get emails. Other regular decision applicants will have to wait for the mail =/</p>

<p>I'm hoping that maybe if they sent out emails today they also mailed all the regular decisions. So hopefully I'll have it soon :/</p>

<p>did you apply for aid international guys</p>

<p>Yes. I am completely dependent on financial aid. I will know about my aid package as soon as FedEx delivers its package.
According to the statistics, Lehigh U only awards aid to 37 internationals and that aid amounts to about $41,600 in average.</p>

<p>I got my mail a while so exicted, cant wait for the package. I grew up and live in Bangladesh, but im a premanent resident of the US. Im so HAPPY!!is it true that the strongest applicants hear earlier, cuz the notification date is april 1st. Just curious</p>

<p>I was just rejected from Lehigh. Oh well. On the upside I was accepted to another university I really like.</p>

<p>im rejected.</p>

<p>Hm. Acceptance means a lot to me. While I feel honored, I am waiting on the financial aid package which will be the deciding factor.
ojin, did you need aid?</p>

<p>im rejected.</p>


<p>not too upset about it, i figured it could go either way...i hoped my hook would be that im a girl hoping to be an english major, which isnt one of lehigh's top programs. they were obnoxious to my dad when he was unable to get the financial aid forms in by the deadline, i think he ended up getting pretty upset with them, im sure that didnt help either. also, although i have no idea whether lafayette and lehigh compare mom seems to think that they sometimes do...i applied to lafayette ed (was deferred).</p>

<p>im pretty much 90% sure that im going to McGill University in canada, i would cancel all my other apps but theyre all coming out within the next week so yeah...i really wish i had cancelled them, this isnt turning out so well. i got waitlisted by muhlenberg too, i have NO IDEA was a backup. my gpa was within their usual range, my ACT was above the 75th percentile. </p>

<p>sorry for the rant, im extremely bitter...particularly because of muhlenberg, although a lehigh acceptance would ahv ebeen nice. its ironic how i can be accepted to mcgill, which was just ranked 12th in the world by the london daily times, yet cant even get in to standard and not-so-high caliber (muhlenberg) colleges.</p>

<p>peanut butter:<br>
i definitely think lehigh and lafayette compare notes because i did EDII to Lehigh and was accepted and about a week ago I recieved a kinda of mean letter from Lafayette saying I was no longer being considered for admission becuase they knew I was accepted ED "at another institution". My friend who did EDII somewhere else didn't get this letter from Lafayette. I thought it was interesting...</p>

<p>yeah...i still think its a little weird and unneccessary, but i snooped around and found out that apparently both schools are aware that most students apply to both so it isnt too big a deal. what lafayette & lehigh do from what i understand is share a list of ED acceptances with "overlap" schools, which obviously include each other to make sure students abide by the binding early decision contract.</p>

<p>i guess thats alright, as long as lehigh doesnt know i applied to lafayette ED in the first place, especially since i was deferred...thats a little messed up. kinda weird though that even though they knew you wouldnt care what their regular decision notification said, that lafayette still took the time to send you a bitter letter instead of just removing you from the RD list if your ED acceptence was solidified haha.</p>

<p>it probably doesn't help that Lehigh and Lafayette have a major rivalry :P</p>

<p>dancer......once you are accepted early decision you are suppose to rescind your other applications. you are probably on a list of accepted ed applicants that is available to all schools, not just lafayette. PB, since you were deferred, you are on no list and under no obligation. dancer, all schools will consider it bad form to break the ed agreement. congratulations on lehigh and rescind now from the rest of the schools so other candidates can take your spot. when you signed your edII agreement, that is what you agreed to do. even lehigh will be unhappy with this and you could loose that spot!</p>

<p>Lehigh really doesn't care. In the process of sending acceptances to the RD pool, I highly doubt that Lehigh admissions takes the time to check at other schools whether this person's application had been withdrawn. They probably don't even know what other schools Dancer applied to.</p>

<p>Dancer is now a Lehigher. As long as the important part of the contract, the part where you agree not to attend another university, remains unbroken, I doubt that Lehigh cares at all.</p>