<p>LDAP</a> Query</p>

<p>Type in your last name, I applied RD and I am in it!!!!</p>

<p>How do you know about that link? I tried my sons name and he is there. Do you think its means he is in, or does everyone get a Lehigh edu e-mail address when they apply?</p>

<p>I tried my name and it's there but my friend's is not. What is this?</p>

<p>A Lehigh email address is given to all accepted applicants... look back to ED threads... so essentially, everyone who is accepted will be there. Congrats by the way!!!</p>

<p>Oh right, I remember reading that but thought it only applied to ED since they had to go here. I'm psyched!</p>

<p>Thanks and congrats to you too and thanks for the info!</p>

<p>my S is not there. don't think it's a good sign, not gonna tell him. we knew he was pretty iffy at Lehigh.</p>

<p>I'm not telling my friend either. They may not be done updating it yet though. Keep checking.</p>

<p>yeah, don't get discouraged...they may still be updating. </p>

<p>Best of luck to everyone!</p>

<p>i'm not there, but i thought i had a pretty good shot at lehigh...</p>


<p>I wonder why they would give email addresses to everyone they admitted - some might not accept and attend?</p>

<p>Not to discourage anyone but I'm an international that received admittance letter this morning and my name comes up, too.

<p>this sucks....if i can't even get into villanova how am i going to get into the rest of the schools i applied to</p>

<p>these next few weeks are not going to be fun.....</p>

<p>When you type your name in, make sure to put your full middle name in. Or just search for your last name. I was nervous when my name didn't turn up at first, but I typed in two people who I know got into lehigh ED, and the didn't show up either. Took me a few tries to find myself.</p>

<p>I just typed my last name in the middle box and that worked.</p>

<p>Yea i just typed in my last matches</p>

<p>mrchip, did u hear from nova yet?</p>

<p>yea i got into villanova school of business EA...i also applied to the business school at lehigh</p>

<p>i'm just going to pray that they aren't finished updating it</p>

<p>I got into nova too, not much award money though, so I don't know if that's an option. I'm still waiting for my first choice. I'm sure they just started updating it. I checked Nova's site and there was nothing and around an hour later I was accepted!</p>

<p>well, what worries me is that my name starts with A and my friend from school's name [who got a likely letter] is already up there, but he's at the end of the alphabet, so it's not very comforting =[</p>