<p>i got accepted yesterday into engineering</p>

<p>710 m, 660 r, 680 w
4.0 weighted
top 11% in class of 420, in a top public school
9 AP's
96 hours of roswell cancer institute internship
96+ community work
lots and lots of ec, captain of mock trial</p>

<p>5 ap's senior year</p>

<p>I just got my letter too for acceptance into engineering! :D </p>

<p>Are you going to enroll, or do you have other choices higher on your list?</p>


<p>i got a few higher on list, but i really want people to chance me for Georgia Tech and Emory, im aiming for biomedical/bioengineering</p>

<p>secondary option is financial investment</p>

<p>applying to-
North Carolina State U
U of Rochester
Case Western
Penn st-accepted</p>

<p>I got accepted into Engineering at University Park</p>

<p>4.4 weighted gpa.
Top 10% out of 776 students
550 Community Service hours
4 Honor Societies. (Parliamentarian of Math Honor Society)
SAT: not great(dont wish to disscus) between 1100-1200 out of 1600. Re tested this December 6th just for fun.
2 recommendations letters</p>

<p>also accepted in Indiana University and waiting from five other schools..</p>

<p>776 in your senior class...DAMN!!! where do you go to highschool</p>

776 in your senior class...DAMN!!! where do you go to highschool


<p>About 600 in mine. They just keep getting bigger!</p>

<p>mines only 330 haha</p>

<p> S is attending Emory..loves it.</p>