<p>anyone else get accepted yet? i'm surprised at how fast i got my letter because i basically submitted my application the day it was due!</p>

<p>Mazeltov and congratulations. I wonder if you could put your stats up so we can have an idea of what it takes to get in.</p>


well my number stats aren't really that great. my cumulative gpa was only 3.42 and SAT was only about 1560. my gpa did improve a lot from sophomore to junior year, and i took a good amount of AP's and honor classes. i also took classes at my community college during the summer to advance into some classes at my school. i think my extracurricular and supplement/essay is where i stood the strongest in my application. i have a load of community service hours (100+), am part of two magazines written and run by teenagers, secretary of a club, and also am a member of a few honor societies. one of my teachers at my school has is an alumni of st. marys, too, which i'm not sure if it helped or not. i know for a fact that st. marys does not rely strictly on just test scores and like to look for well rounded students. good luck!!</p>

<p>I was accepted but as an international candidate scholarship was very less..............</p>

<p>^What do you mean by "scholarship"?</p>

<p>I still haven't heard back from them..
Did they email you?</p>