<p>Post here if you have been accepted and are considering going to Humboldt or not. Was this your first choice, your safety, your dream school, the only school that accepted you? You get the picture. </p>

<p>Accepted.....waiting to here from another school.</p>

<p>Ha ha ha......waiting to *hear (geez good thing I didn't do that on any of my essays lol).</p>

<p>I was accepted to go here, but it was my back-up. I am pretty sure I would only go here if it was almost free for me. As of now I plan on attending UC Riverside, but I am still waiting for UCSB's decision.</p>

<p>Kathryn1991....I was accepted at UC Merced, UCSD, UCSC, & Humboldt. Rejected, UCLA, Cal Poly SLO, and I haven't heard from USC yet.</p>

<p>I never even considered attending UCSD or UCSC, didn't even want to apply to them, but got pushed into it by my parents :). My 1st choice always was Humboldt, but I sort of got on the Cal Poly bandwagon and got all excited about going there. That rejection was a huge disappointment. I am back with Humboldt as my 1st. USC is a dream school and I believe impossible for me to get into.</p>

<p>Best of luck with UCSB. Don't there acceptances come out March 22nd, at 4pm?</p>

<p>Hi tornados</p>

<p>I was accepted to HSU & CPP and waiting to hear from WWU & CSUF. Humboldt was my first choice but after some researching and networking, well I am having second thoughts. Aside from the natural beauty, I have to consider rank, stats and how future employers will rate me. I absolutely hate that when I share with others (not my friends) about my acceptance to HSU, they automatically start with the wise cracks about the pot. Makes me wonder how a future employer would judge me if they see HSU on my application.</p>

<p>boogie9woogie........I had the same concerns, which is kind of why I got so fully on the CP Slo bandwagon. But I don't like any of my other choices at all. I love the way Humboldt looks, but cannot stand everyone's "stoner" comments. I don't smoke, I will never smoke so I wish they would just leave it out of the equation.</p>

<p>I am concerned about their retention rate at 72%. That means people are either quitting or transferring. I don't like the safety issues, it is rated fairly poorly there. But, the employer deal??? Idk, I think they are more concerned that you got a degree, not what school it is from (unless it is Ivy League). </p>

<p>I hate the whole pot thing's humiliating. Plus stoner's are so freakin lazy. What kind of friends will I make.</p>

<p>I don't was always my #1, because I love the outdoors.</p>

<p>boogie.....the other thing I wanted to tell you about. CPP, good school, but has lower retention rate than Humboldt, more part timers, but my mom went there and thought it was depressing?? So, who knows. I also have several close friends who attend CSUF that love it. I visited there. Nice campus.</p>

<p>I think I would still choose Humboldt the only thing sort of different about it is that the average age of an incoming freshmen is 27, most schools it is 20. I don't know what that means.</p>

<p>yeah I would definately be dissapponted in a rejection from UCSB. But March 22 will decide! But even if I DO get accepted from there, then I might still go to UCR, just because It will be better financially for me.</p>

<p>Kathryn1991.....I will keep you in my prayers about UCSB, it is such a nice location. I am kind of like you. I will probably end up at UCSD because of financial reasons. In fact I am 99% sure at this point that is where I will be stuck going. I am so disappointed, but understand my parent's financial concerns. I filled out all the housing and paid my deposit, so it is pretty much a sure thing.......grrrrrrrr.</p>

<p>Kathryn1991........if you ever come back here. Let me know if you got accepted at UCSB. I am now between UCSD and USC. Humboldt's nice, pretty, but not my thing at all. </p>

<p>My story: UCSD - accepted (99.9% ready to accept, finger hovering over SIR button)
UCM - accepted (financial aid too low)
Humboldt - accepted (great school, but too rural)
UCSC - accepted (not interested)
USC - have not heard yet (dream school)
Cal Poly SLO - rejected (disappointed)
UCLA - rejected (don't care, didn't want to go there)
SJSU - rejected (nice school, but didn't like the area)

<p>yeahhh.....i DEF got rejected from UCSB lol.
so I willl probably end up just going to Riverside. I actually like the school and I think I will have more opportunities there then at Humboldt, considering it IS a UC! and congrats on getting into so many prestigous schools.</p>

<p>I'm a transfer student who is really considering going to Humboldt... The only thing that may sawy my decision is an acceptance for UC Berkeley... I want to go to a UC but unfortunately none of them offer my major (Social Work). Berkeley has something similar, Social Welfare but it is a BA program not a BSW. I really am not too enthused about Berkeley, I don't really like the bay area and it also is very intimidating to me. I change my mind all the time though, right now I am definitely on a Humboldt kick.</p>

<p>I was accepted at HSU and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to go. </p>

<p>I'm from Humboldt County (can't stand the pot thing) and although I do love bigger cities, Humboldt's my home.</p>

<p>A note for anyone concerned about HSU's "stoner vibe", don't worry about it. Yeah, it's definately present, but there's so many people up here who hate stoners and pot.</p>

<p>to tornadoes and everyone else bagging on stoners. your all wrong. just cuz some people have been lazy their entire life and start smoking pot doesnt mean it makes them lazy. but i guess your right. micheal phelps winning 8 gold medals in the past olympics shows how lazy he is. obama smoking a lot when he grew up in hawaii and then graduating from harvard also proves your point.</p>

<p>@ marshallc: I agree with you. I kept up a 4.0 while being a stoner, and I prefer it much more to drinking.</p>

<p>Got accepted in January, but turned HSU down. I really like Humboldt, but it's just so far from everything. </p>

<p>Besides Humboldt...
Accepted: UCD, UCSB, UCSC, and SFSU
Rejected: SDSU (***?) & Sonoma (waitlisted, then no space available...does that count as a rejection?)
Waiting: Berkeley</p>

<p>However, I've already decided I'm going to Davis regardless of the outcome of Cal. I'm a French major, and loved the sound of the classes at Humboldt, but I think Davis will better prepare me.</p>

<p>I just accepted my admission..... I'm going to Humboldt!!!!</p>

<p>Awesome!! Congrats!</p>

<p>Thanks! HSU seems like a really great school.</p>

Got accepted in November (: Only school I wanted to go to