<p>I just got accepted to UCF and am moving down there in August of 2010 what am I looking at spending per month on a decent apartment within 2 miles of campus with no more than 2 roomates?</p>

<p>Around 490 (if you get crazy lucky) to about 630.
Most likely expect around the 520-550 range.</p>

<p>No more than 2 roommates? Probably 550-700
I'm staying at a place with just one other person and it's gonna be 630/month</p>

<p>is that utilities as well?</p>

<p>It also depends what kind of housing youre looking to get. If you want a regular apartment, then thatll be pretty pricey, unless you can somehow find good room mates who are, and you will also have to pay extra for some utilities. If you get an off campus student apartment, then the price will be in a decent ranged but fixed since you will have an individual lease. Right now the typical 4 bedroom 4 bathroom at an offcampus student apartment runs around $550 or so, which includes all utilities. You and your room mates only pay for any overages. Since you want no more than 2 other room mates, you probably will be looking in the low to mid $600 range depending on where you go.</p>

<p>yes that includes utilities and fully furnished.
look into renting at The Edge, their cheap and pretty nice.</p>

<p>Consider looking for a subleased apartment on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. You'll likely get a better rate because the person trying to get out of their lease signed on when the rates were lower. You also have a chance of meeting your roommates that way. The only problem is you may have to wait until closer to the Fall semester, but there should be plenty of options.</p>