Has anyone been accepted yet for Business administration???

@yogi9715 Yes, my son was accepted in Business Administration in January.

My son was accepted for Mechanical Engineering. He’s very excited but I worry that OSU is too big for him.

My son is a senior in ME at oregon state. It has been a great experience for him. Engineering is really big at OSU so there are a lot of resources for students. Keep in mind that the students are preengineering for the first two years so they do have to keep their grades up to get accepted into pro school. My son does the Mecop program which has been really great. He is doing his second 6 month coop now. Besides coop there are a lot of engineering clubs that students can get involved with. Also, undergraduate research is quite common. Yes, it is big but I think the students find their group of friends to study with and help each other with classes.

I was accepted, but I am going to another ️college. This is the only school I haven’t accepted/declined yet because I cannot find any place to do so on their website. Does anyone know if there is one? Or do I just no sumbit a sir and that’s how they know??