Accepting Dual Enrollment Credits

<p>Do I have to accept all of my dual enrollment credits? or can I pick and choose which ones I want to be on my transcript? </p>

<p>If I reject a class, iare the grade and the class still going to show on my UF transcript?</p>

<p>why would you reject a class?
i'm keeping all of my hardworking D.E.'s</p>

<p>There are reasons why a student may not want to have one of their dual enrollment classes on their transcript. I don't mean to make assumptions here, but one possible reason would be because of a grade in one of the classes that the student feels is low, or lower than it would be if the class were taken again.</p>

<p>I'd like to know the answer to this thread too.</p>

<p>When you have dual enrollment credits, do they count toward the 120 credits Bright Futures is going to pay for? Or for that matter, is it the same for your IB/AP credits?</p>

<p>Yeah, I am pretty sure IB/AP/Dual count towards the 120. The reason is most majors require 120 and they want you out by then. You can apply for an extension for 132? when you reach 120. Can you pick and choose dual credits? I think it's only IB/AP. IB/AP gives you a S if you pass, while dual gives you a grade, so I dont think you can give it up. Either why if you apply to grad school they ask for transcripts from all colleges/universities you have attended.</p>

<p>Thanks for the answer. We are going to visit on Friday and were going to be asking about that. Do you know anything about the Fridays with Honors visit/tour?</p>

<p>Bright Futures will PAY for up to 132 credits, not including those you earned from test credit or dual enrollment. (You can appeal for them paying for more than that if you are in a program that requires more than the 120 for graduation.) I had this same question and called several people before getting clarification from Bright Futures. Since they didn't pay for the test credits or dual enrollment, they don't consider those part of the 120. So, if you are like many UF students with a years+ credit when you start - it doesn't mean you have to graduate in 3 years unless that is your goal. You can get more than one major and minor if you plan ahead - just make sure you don't meet all the credits for graduation in any major until you are ready - once you meet all the requirements for any major, Bright Futures quits paying.</p>