Access Program

I was wondering if anyone has any information on UCF’s Access Program? I got accepted and invited into this program starting Summer 2021 and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this specific program!?

First of all…CONGRATULATIONS! Glad to see you got in!

I don’t know much about access except that those who did it last year thought it was worthwhile. I would definitely accept.

My daughter wasn’t in Access, but she did take the SLS class that’s a part of it and thought it was very helpful.

GO UcfKnight29! CHARGE ON!

Thanks! I already put my deposit down I will call today for more info on that program.

From what I know of the program, I can’t imagine any downside. It’s nothing but help as far as I can tell.

You will see that UCF has a LOT of resources to help students succeed.