Access to Kalamazoo city & what is there to do there?

Hello! I’ve read conflicting info as to whether a student without a car can safely access the city. Is it safe to travel on foot to the city & how long does it take to get there? I read something about crossing a highway? Once there, is there anything to do other than shop & eat at restaurants? And, do students tend to walk to the city or does most everyone stay at the college? Thank you!

From what I understand, there’s something of a “K Bubble” where there’s so much to do on campus that many students find themselves not exploring the city as much as they would expect.

As far as stuff to do, I know that one thing that seems to be heavily advocated is the Kalamazoo art hop every month.

Thank you!

K is about a 10-15 minute walk to the downtown area. Western Michigan University is right next door and has lots of events going on. K is also on the city bus line. The college has many activities and clubs on campus to keep students engaged.

The “highway” is easily crossed (D2’s house is 2 doors away from campus and she crosses it at least twice a day).

As a senior, she tends to take part in campus events and visit classsmates who live on or off campus. She rarely drives anywhere more than once a week and hadn’t been to WMU all fall.

Thank you!