Access to Professors

<p>Are professors really that hard to talk to at Tech?</p>

<p>Every where I've seen says that they are, and I'm wondering if this is a big problem for students who attend?</p>

<p>I've never had an issue talking to a professor, and that ranges from my favorite profs to my least favorite. Generally, people who have issues talking to professors, its just because they approach the professor (at the end of the semester) demanding a higher grade, which is a conversation that doesn't go to terribly well. They all hold office hours that you can ask them anything during. Just a tip - if you are interested in their research and ask about that, they'll love you forever :)</p>

<p>Professors are required to have office hours where you can meet with them and they'll have at least one TA who will also have office hours.</p>

<p>That said, there are some professors that are more helpful than others. You have two types of students that walk into a professor's office. The first type are students that have tried the homework or class problem, know the general idea, but get stuck. Universally these students get help from the faculty. </p>

<p>The other type are students that are completely lost: they haven't looked at the homework and don't know where to start. Or they haven't been to class and ask questions that were answered in the lectures they missed. Or (even worse), they ask questions with no answer like "What do I need to do to get an B?" or "Why can't I get the material?". These students get varying levels of assistance depending on the professor.</p>

<p>The people who have a problem with Tech faculty tend to be the students with a skewed sense of entitlement. Some students think that if they don't understand a concept, it's the professor's job to get them to understand that concept (like in High School). That's not true in college. The professor's job is to present material and it's the student's job to comprehend that material.</p>