Access to Washington, D.C.?

<p>How long does it take to get to D.C. from Goucher (by car and train)?</p>

<p>Is it fairly accessible?</p>

<p>Goucher is on my list of colleges to apply to and I would like to do internships in D.C. if the commute was not too much of a pain.</p>

<p>I remember reading one of the Orientation committee member's post on FB that DC is a 45-minute train ride away. As for driving distance it's 56 miles.</p>


<p>Getting to DC takes WAY more than 45 minutes if you are going by public transport. The collegetown shuttle is free and will take you to Penn Station. From there you can take the MARC train (on weekdays; on weekends you will have to take Amtrak, which is more expensive). This process will take a couple hours. You will then have to get to your place of internship, probably via Metro, which takes longer.</p>

<p>If you can find a friend who goes to DC regularly, or have a car, an internship should be doable.</p>