"Accidentally" accepted invitation from UCSD

<p>Hey guys, I posted this in the official UCSD decisions thread but didn't get too much feedback. Basically, I got accepted into UCSD and in my excitement, I cruised through the "What to do after applying/being accepted" pages, and ended up clicking the "I accept UCSD's invitation" button without even realizing that I'm still waiting for responses from UCLA and UCB.</p>

<p>I've e-mailed UCSD telling them that I accepted the invitation without being completely sure if I'd "be able to attend." Obviously, I didn't want to tell them it was a mistake because I'm waiting for responses from other schools, but is accepting the invitation prematurely a major problem? Did I just take away a spot from someone who is willing to go there? Am I basically enrolled at UCSD now?</p>

<p>Any feedback on the situation would be very much appreciated, perhaps even calming.</p>

<p>To follow up, I'd probably call SD admissions and explain what happened, stating also that you can't accept just yet because you don't know what the financial aid package will be (if you are applying for finaid). I'm sure it will be dealt with, mistakes always happen and your'e probably not the only one.</p>

<p>go to UCSD!!! too late now!!</p>

<p>Enjoy sunny San Diego. :)</p>

<p>Sounds to me like you've made your decision. Never second guess your gut instinct. Have fun in SD!! lol.....im sure its not a big deal.</p>

<p>"Did I just take away a spot from someone who is willing to go there? Am I basically enrolled at UCSD now?" </p>

<p>you bastard.</p>

<p>HAHAHA don't sweat it UCSD will correct the mistake if you sent them an email.</p>

<p>errr... i hope no UC admissions sees this but
can't u pretend nothing happened >_<</p>

<p>^yes you can! thats what several of my friends did. SIR for like 5 schools. its not like you have to pay or anything. then when they want to you pay, only pay for the school you want to go to. :)</p>

<p>UCSD is a good school you know....</p>

<p>Oh, I know UCSD is a good school. I'm very honored they accepted me, but my heart is just more set on UCLA and UCB. Anyway, thanks for all the replies. I haven't gotten a response from them yet but I guess it's not a big deal after all.</p>