Accidentally applied for summer instead of Fall admission

So thrilled that my son was accepted, with a 100 percent OOS waiver. After we were done jumping up and down, we read further, and realized he was accepted for summer, which he accidentally applied for (he checked his original application). He was so disappointed in himself that he did that. He would like Fall admission bc he won’t even be done with high school when summer starts. What do you think the chances are of him getting the same offer and switching to fall. He is waiting for a call back from admissions. Prayers and fingers crossed

When is his High School finish?

he can do summer online i’m pretty sure its only 2 classes he would be required to take

This is a question for the admissions office.


June 23rd

That’s what we are hoping! Thanks!

That is Late but call Admissions ASAP tomorrow and ask about online, last year not a problem but Covid.
Also you need to be present the first class or you get dropped and his last week of school with finals make sure if online is an option they don’t overlap time wise sign up for class not during school hours

If online doesn’t work you may need to be creative. With number of apps it may not be that easy to get moved to fall.

If they won’t move you to Fall automatically ask if someone wants summer can it be a mutual swap

If affordable see if you can do First semester Abroad

finally TCC for Fall and Spring Admit

Hopefully online or move to Fall
Good Luck

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I don’t think they are switching summer and fall admissions this year. On the application they made it clear that you had to apply for the session you wanted. That being said, I would ask whether your son could take summer classes on line?

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They said that since he wouldn’t have graduated by the time the summer classes start he wouldn’t be able to enroll. Hopefully we will find out by Wednesday.