Accidentally Applied to the Residential College

<p>I was checking my app and realized that accidentally applied to the Residential College within LSA. I know it's a good program, but I'm not really interested. Will this affect my chances for admission into LSA?</p>

<p>Your best shot would be to call the admissions office and tell them what happened.</p>

<p>It shouldn’t have any effect on your application, because one must be accepted into LSA first in order to be considered for RC. From my understanding, if you get into RC as well as LSA, you can decline the program then when you get an email from RC. Hope this helps! </p>

<p>I work in the RC Admissions office. That’s not a big deal at all. If you get accepted to the University, we will reach out to you asking if you are still interested. At that point, say no. </p>