Accidentally lied on the FAFSA

Hello I accidentally made a mistake on the FAFSA and just realized. FAFSA already paid for my first semester, I was looking through my SAR and realize the mistake on my parents martial status date after that I called my university if it’s possible to still make corrections they said yes. I made the correction and send my signature form through mail. The next day I went to talk to the financial aid office in person and told them about my mistake. I told them that I barely realized and they told me that my tuition and fees would be on hold till FAFSA is approved so I asked if there is another option for example the emergency loan they said yes and told me that the emergency loan will take care till the FAFSA comes and the rest of the money from the FAFSA that is left after paying the emergency loan would be sent to me. But I’m scared that I’m gonna have to pay for my fall tuition and fees since I didn’t realized of that mistake till now that spring semester is 1 week away.

Not exactly sure what the outcome will be or how your parents marital status should impact your # - but you can’t “accidentally” lie - as you put in your title.

Sounds to me like you made an innocent error - that’s not a lie.

Hope it works out for you.


Thank you I hope it also goes good. I’m gonna go talk to them again on Monday for something that is happening on my payments

Agree with the above - “lie” implies intent, IMHO. Sound like you accidentally put incorrect information. That happens.

Reaching out to the FA office was the right think to do. Hopefully it works out.

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Please tell us what date you used (just the year) & what date was true (just the year). I am not sure that the date will be an issue, but that depends on the dates.

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I put the 3 of 2002 my parents got married on the 6 of 2002

It won’t make any difference for your aid, fortunately. I am surprised they said they would put a hold on your aid for that. I suggest you or your mom contact a manager in the aid office to discuss the hold on your aid. I feel pretty confident that a manager who understands your actual situation will take off the hold - or at the very least, assist you in getting the emergency loan, since the mistake you made will have zero impact on your EFC or aid. (And this is a MISTAKE, not a lie. You didn’t do anything wrong, and the mistake was not intentional.)


I went to talk again to a different financial aid advisor and told me a different info than what the first one did. She told me that I submitted another form for the 2021-22 it would be different, it’s up to FAFSA if that makes an impact on my status I’m gonna have to pay back but if they don’t make any importance to the mistake they would just corrected the date and won’t have anything to pay back. Now I’m just waiting for Tuesday to see what is it gonna be.

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If the ONLY thing you changed was the month in which your parents were married, your aid will not change. It is possible - but not likely - that this update could result in you being selected for a process called verification. It should not, but anything is possible. In that case, you would be asked for documents, and sometimes aid does change as the result of verification (if the family entered info incorrectly when they completed the FAFSA).

I went again to talk because it’s been processed and I have received a message about the SAR. They basically told me what you wrote that since it’s just a month won’t have a big impact but they might ask for documents to make sure everything is right. Thank you

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