Accidentally Mistyped Grade into Common Application to UMD!


I’m a current senior applying to UMD Class of 2025. I definitely made a terrible mistake with this, but it seems as if I had accidentally mistyped a grade in my Common Application to Maryland with a higher grade than intended. I am not sure what to do from here.

If I e-mail them apologizing and offering to do anything for them to reconsider, how much will it hurt my chances into getting into the school? I have good stats and a good standardized test score, and my essay is good and so are my teacher recs. I am kind of freaking out here, so if anyone could tell me what to do that would be awesome.

Contact you High School guidance councilor as soon as you can and ask her/him. I am sure you are not the first to make an error, and they are best suited to give you accurate advice.
Best of luck and remember to breathe! It will all work out.