Accidentally Rude to my Teacher

Maybe this is a silly question, but I need some quick advice.

Today (just an hour ago), I walked into my APUSH class. As I walked in, it dawned on me that it was my last APUSH class before Spring Break (starts at the end of this week for me).

So I stupidly open my mouth (in front of him) and go, “After this class, we don’t have APUSH for almost two weeks.”

I meant to say it in a sad sort of way, since APUSH is one of my favorite classes, but instead, I sounded much more ‘sassy’ (for lack of better word), which made it sound a lot more like a snarky, “this class sucks lol.”

Immediately I realized my mistake, and then I went, “Oh, that sounded really rude. I didn’t mean to say it like that.”

My teacher (who was annoyed/angry/upset) replied, “Yeah, that sounded rude.”

I’m tired. I was up until midnight fighting with my parents (over healthcare issues, not like normal teenager stuff). I just meant to show a little appreciation.

I have considered apologizing, but it seems overkill (I could be wrong). I’m not some sort of teacher’s pet, I have previously brought up a little satire in this class occasionally, but not in an extremely rude, “this student is an a**hole” kind of situation. I’m probably just not his favorite student or anything like that. I have kept an A- throughout the year, so I’m not awful (I think).

What should I do? I mean, I feel bad. To make it worse, I have the most work to do in this class, so it’s not like I can forget about it over break. Any advice?

I feel for you.

When I was in 8th grade, I lost a 4 year full tuition scholarship to my future private high school due to my demeanor in one class during “visit day”. (Interesting that the Head of School shared that with me as I was only 13 or 14 years old. Even told me the name of the teacher who caused me to lose the scholarship. I just had an off day. Didn’t say or do anything rude, but the teacher did not like my “demeanor”.) And my behavior was not nearly as inappropriate / rude as was your behavior.

Actions have consequences. (Not only did I learn this lesson, but I went on to prove the truth of this statement many times throughout my life.)

In short, apologize.

P.S. The class was “Ancient History”. I later learned that this teacher was a bitter person who had never married and she was not liked by many teachers & administrators, yet her negative comment about me cost my me & my family a lot.(Even though I was not aware that I was to be awarded this “leadership scholarship” until informed that it had been taken away.) So, once again, I encourage you to apologize as you never know how small minded a person may be & how it might affect you.

Honestly, I don’t think it was that rude. What student isn’t excited about a 2 week break from class? As a teacher that would not bother me. But, I wasn’t there to hear your tone I guess.

But, since it’s bothering you, it’s fine to apologize. At least you’ll know you did your best to explain the situation.

To me, it was clearly a rude remark. Just offer a sincere apology.