Accounting Courses

<p>Is it unlikely to get A's in accounting courses?
I have not taken any accounting courses as of now and was wondering how hard it will be to receive A's.
Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>No it is not unlikely, but you will definitely have to put in more time, unlike into your other classes.</p>

<p>I took it twice
First time without studying C-
Second time, I studied like hell, got an A</p>

<p>If you put the necessary time and effort in it, I don't see any reason why you shouldnt get an A.</p>

<p>beginning lvl accounting courses - Should be able to get A's with a some more effort than your average class. Material is still easier than any college lvl math course your likely to take. </p>

<p>intermediate lvl acctng courses - Mostly A's and some B's. Alot here depends on your quality of teacher. If you have a teacher who is an extreemly tough grader with very tough tests...its a bit difficult to an A or a B, or on some tests a C+. Also tax courses were always tough for me.</p>

<p>With that said, alot of students struggle in beggining accounting courses and flunk/drop-out. But I think that has ALOT more to do with their work ethic and their expectations as opposed to the material being inherently difficult. Here's a secret: it's not.</p>