Accounting Degree

<p>Accounting Degree is usually referred by many to be the best business degree, ever since I graduated from college on June 2011 with a BS in Accounting, i haven't been able to find a job even an entry level position. I didn't go to a top tier school and while I was in college, i didn't care to apply for an internship also i was working fulltime when i was going to college. All the accounting jobs i have applied to want experience even the entry level jobs. I have posted before that i want to work for the FBI or IRS. I asked this question on this site because i know there are many smart people here, What should i do to increase my chances of getting a job at least to get experience because i will need the experience to even get my CPA license. Should i get my Masters and take the CPA or wait to get to find a job before i go for my Masters? I appreciate all answers.</p>

<p>Sorry, Future, the only thing I can think of besides what I've mentioned already is going down to your State's employment office and see what kind of services they can offer. Have you tried a staffing agency? Sometimes there's staffing agencies around that specialize in placing applicants from a specific field like accounting.</p>

<p>If you feel you're really stuck in a rut, then I think going for the Masters will make you more competitive. This may also allow you easier access to the school's intern programs or opportunities that may be set aside specifically for current students. Hopefully the school would also put on career fairs for the current students where you can take your chance.</p>


i didn't care to apply for an internship also i was working fulltime when i was going to college


<p>Could you elaborate on this? Was their a particular reason why you didn't apply to internships? To be perfectly honest, this sentence reflects very poorly on you. </p>

<p>Have you tried applying to internships for this summer?
The big firms are probably all done recruiting at this point but I'm sure there are smaller ones still looking for people.
Ultimately, it sounds like you just need experience.
Doing a masters might not be a bad idea, assuming it's at a school with decent recruitment, but you're really going to have to try hard to stand out (internships during the school year might not be a bad idea). Your classmates will more than likely all have considerably more experience.</p>

<p>@turtlerock, I have already tried accounttemps, but i never got a call back from them. But i haven't yet gone to my state employment office. The person who did my taces today was a CPA and she told me to go to my school career center, she said they must have something for me. @angryself, I wasn't so serious when i was in college so i never took time to look for an internship. If all else fails, I would just go straight to do my MS in Taxation. Thanks turtlerock and angryself</p>