accounting in HK or japan?

<p>im currently studying abroad in china and being an asian american from LA i would love to work here in china , preferably HK. What i am concerned about is , if this is a good decision since it wont have the same exit opportunities as the job would in america. I go to a non target and am an accounting major. i plan on working for a multi-national firm ( big 4) and working in HK. right now i am just not sure if it a good decision to do so since i want to live in my home state of california. this is the reason why i have come here just to get some advice from experts on this life decision. thank you all</p>

<p>Hong Kong.</p>

<p>but is it a good decision to work in hk because if i could at home in LA i could have better exit ops. im just not 100% sure i like hk a lot but im scared it could not give me good networking/exit ops in usa(CA most importantly)</p>

<p>It's very true, once you've been working in HK a few years, your contacts, network in USA will be severed, gone. I've known people who had planned to be in HK just a few years, ended up not being able to find a lateral or better position back in the US.</p>

<p>Don't ever not do something because you're scared. If you're making decisions based on fear then you know you're likely going to make a poor one. If I were you there's no way I would try to participate in California's economy (or lack thereof) right now. Go to Hong Kong, where there's actually commerce happening, and then come back to the US.</p>

<p>To keep your contacts you just have to be proactive in staying in touch. Thank God for facebook, twitter, postcards, e-mail, regular mail, telephones, etc... Use them! Just last week I talked to somebody I hadn't spoken to in 4 years and we're getting together in a couple of weeks to catch up. We're both working at jobs we like right now, but if one of us wasn't, I guarantee the employed one would want to help the other out.</p>

<p>possibly. i will do it just because i like china a lot and i want to experience it more. only thing i do not like is the mass amount of pollution here. it is like LA on steroids in terms of pollution</p>